Sidekick LX on eBay

Sidekick LX Box

Looks like the first Sidekick LX is hitting eBay already. Bidding is at $600 with one bid so far. Whether or not the auction is legit is anyone’s guess, but there is a new picture of the box that the Sidekick LX will be coming in. T-Mobile appears to be pushing the slimness of this new device, although it’s not as slim as the reservation cards people thought were devices.

UPDATE: Auction has been pulled

Thanks for the heads up Adam

6 Responses to “Sidekick LX on eBay”

  1. IbAyDeStRiAnI Says:

    looks freshh

  2. sidekick4isthebomb Says:

    The bids are up to $940 now. Why would someone pay a thousand dollars on a phone when you can get it on october 24, for im sure will be less than $940!?

  3. sidekickslide Says:

    i dunno i that is a box it just looks flat not3-D

  4. TheClassicalGod Says:

    It’s obviously not even real people bidding on it. Look at the bid history, all the names are very very similar and have done nothing in the last 30 days but buy phones and accessories.

    My guess is that it’s the same guy trying to jack up the price on the auction. But, yeah, there is no point in spending almost $1,000 on a phone that you’ll be able to get in just over a month for probably less than half of that.

    I can see why they want it so badly though.. lol, looking at the side by side pictures of the Slide and iPhone, the Slide was almost the same size as the iPhone and the LX is very obviously thinner. As long as you didn’t mess anything good up, the LX is going to PWN the iPhone.

  5. Ryan Yo Says:

    ha that really does look flat. his finger wraps around the side of it in a wierd way. but really, ive never called a sidekick sexy before……i think this might be the one…

  6. hamilton Says:

    It looks so thin on the box. Its so pretty and hot. I can’t w8 2get my hands on 1 in australia.

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