Sidekick LX OTA Coming Soon?

It sounds as if Danger is preparing the first OTA for the Sidekick LX. They are calling the update an “Email Refresh for Sidekick LX Users” and it appears to update your Email application to use tabs, similar to the recently released Myspace application.

Judging from the Screenshots, this looks to make each service you use into it’s own tab. So if you have say your T-Mail account and a Gmail account, there will be a T-Mail and Gmail application to keep them separated. It also looks pretty nice.

No release date information has been specified, and it’s unclear if there will be other fixes or if this just replaces the EMail application.

Read more about the new “Email Messaging” application in the Manual Here and read about the OTA Here

20 Responses to “Sidekick LX OTA Coming Soon?”

  1. rad55 Says:

    haha this looks like a poor mans version of the “Ultimate Inbox” feature that ocean users have been using since release.

    ps. Look at this quote i just found on

    “The Ocean is basically a Sidekick 5. Take the Sidekick 3; think of what the Sidekick 4 would be; then add another generation.”


  2. GreekPharoah Says:

    rad55, WE GET IT, you looooove your Helio Ocean. You’re a big ol’ Helio whore. But, with all due respect, its getting old. You must understand that there is a huge loyal following to the SK saga (and with good reason). I respect your decision to jump ship, but, why are you here? Sounds like for whatever reason, you’ve got SK envy. Either way, for the love of God, enough Helio talk. You’re begining to sound like a preachy Jahovahs Witness…

  3. hamilton Says:

    He sounds lyk a retard hu is half asleep. R u aware dat dis I’d da web cyt 4 sidekicks nd hiptops. Not ur fugly ass helio ocean. I don’t get y ur even here. Da helio has a lot of freaturs but dey all r pour qwality. Da sidekicks do each nd even function wit gr8ness. Nd dey keep addin new handy features instead of crap lyk I can put my vids on utube. I meean dats all nice but not necessary. So go find a helio webcyt 2 stalk nd leave dis 1 alone.

  4. Melissa Says:

    I have my Lx and I love it. But call me slow but I just realized that the slide and lx r just like expensive versions of the id. In other words, shortly their gonna cum out wit an actual sidekick 4…otherwise they would have called the lx and slide the 4 and 5. So my question is when r they makin the sk4?

  5. Ryan Yo Says:

    You know what they say, “Once you go sidekick,you never go back.”

    And I LOVE OTA’s.

  6. Mr2Sense Says:

    Thanks GreekPharoah for putting rad55 in his place before I did! I was getting tired of that b****… Lol*

  7. karen Says:

    @rad55: One word. [not]

  8. rad55 Says:

    you’ve got me all wrong! I love kicks! i loved my kick! and to some extent I still do. I also love how you guys are taking shots at me when I never once said anything bad about any of you or even the kicks for that matter. It just sucks to see what used to be me: So devoted to your sidekick you couldn’t see the hundreds of better phones out there. Mine just happens to be a helio ocean… But i can show you that there are TONS of other more functional phones and I’m just trying to help. Other than that I love this community because I grew up with it. If anything, those of you who are new here are the posers (not saying any names) because you are just getting on the sidekick schtick NOW when I’ve been here since the beginning. So before you go putting anyone in anybodies place, check YOURSELF.

    This is the Internet…if you can’t deal with it…….. get out the kitchen. ;]

  9. b-easy Says:

    Unfortunatly rad55 we aren’t talking about heat or kitchens. We are talking about your non-stop posts about how your helio ocean obsession is getting really old.

    It’s your fault your getting ragged on. If you would post things related to the article [and not about the Ocean, which no one here cares about since this is a sidekick site]. then no one would say anything with you.

    This OTA is nice.. But it’s not a must have for me.. Hopefully some of the Communities app’s they have lined up will be released soon 🙂

  10. karen Says:

    Yeah, Sidekicks for me are just IMing and Web Browsing.
    Oh yeah, and calling. xD

  11. hamilton Says:

    Hey rod u sed u grew up in da sidekick community. Well wen u grow up u move on nd move out of home. U shuld preobly do dat. Move out of dis web cyt nd find a helio 1. As we relli don’t wanna hear nefing about em. Da sidekicks do wat we want em 2 do nd do dat gr8ly.

  12. karen Says:

    Well actually RAmen. [ Pastafarian pride yo ;] ]

  13. GreekPharoah Says:

    My whole point was that beauty is in the eye of the phone-holder. For me (and many others), SK’s do everything that I need, and then some. If you really need your phone to tell you where a certain picture was taken, or for it to play movies or make pancakes, that’s your issue. “Hundreds” of better phones out there? Lets not get crazy now. Being a user since the Color SK days its hard for me to phathom using any other phone. I did use an MDA between the SK2 and SK3 because my SK2 died but that experience was awful and only lasted for a week. I used my original SK until the 3 came out cuz it was better. And lets not be so quick to belittle the new members of this community. Obviously others agree with me in that the Helio talk was way too much. But, you’re right, this IS the internet, and there is a “kitchen” that suits everyone. However, this is our kitchen, and although you are of course welcome to cook in it, you might want to take my friendly advice before it gets too hot for you.

  14. kur5e Says:

    i got mines an hour and a half ago its pretty kool now i can see my tmail yahoo and aol :]

  15. hamilton Says:

    Omg da slide is cumin 2 oz!!!! Its on da telstra web cyt. Hell yer!!! I just hope da bring out da lx aswell. Coz I’m not relli in2 da slide at all. But I may end up havin 2 get it if dere is no lx. Ne 1 kno nefing about da lx in oz?

  16. ncmacasl Says:

    Yes I got mine a few days ago and have several other friends who have, too. Not sure why no one (not even Hiptop3) is reporting that it not only is “Coming Soon” but is actually OUT THERE!!!

    Word to the wise: any e-mails you send from the device, it still tags your e-mails as being “originally sent from” your tmail account, even if you change the settings. (Check “full headers” to confirm.)

  17. hamilton Says:

    Rad55 shut da fuk up about da ocean. We tolld u b4 2 nd u don’t stop. Grhhhh. Nd da ocean is fugly nd uncomfertable 2 use. So shove da up ur ass

  18. arlando Says:

    i know how to get the update for the sidekick LX if u want it email me at make sure u leave ur name and aol,msn,yahoo screen name so i can tell u how to do it. I have the step and how to get u the video player and the new aim and etc.

  19. Printz45 Says:

    I got my OTA 2 days ago and my LX is the best thing to happen to me!! I spent the money to get it a make over so now i have an all white LX and didn’t regret it! It’s one of a kind in my town and my girls is PINK!! To All those sidekick lovers, keep your heads up the updates will only get better and the sidekicks will only get greater. **** Those Helio ppl They have no idea of the potential and magnitude of these great creations!! So 1 Luv To my sidekick fans, And Thumbs down to those who can’t respect a great addition to our planet!

  20. ed Says:

    im all for cool phones but the sidekick i have has been nothing but trouble and the internet on it if fucked i cant do any thing that needs a flash player and the rep i talked to told me i could go to youtube and it can but it cant play the videos ” that sucks ” im pissed off at t moble thy helped rip me off if your looking for a good internet go sprint with the i phone or somthing cuz tmoble could have put it in the sk 2008 but thay chose to leave it out so all the suckers that got a sk 2008 have to upgrade to a 2009 if thay want what thay truly got it for flash players have been a big part of the net for 8 years and this is messed up profitering gluttens ………. may the mentors last words say it all in the hackers manifesto

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