Sidekick LX OTA: New Browser Features

Sidekick LX New Browser Features

5 Responses to “Sidekick LX OTA: New Browser Features”

  1. traicerx Says:

    nice, this is what im excited for. the new browser looks good. how well do websites like look?

  2. tiki Says:

    They are awful. the same old crap you’ve been seeing- which means: they don’t work.

    Aside from the browser, I’m really digging the sk08- but god the browser is just WAY too outdated. I gotta have myyahoo- and it just loads like a nightmare now.

    lots of forums and stuff use newer CSS that just go to heck in the sk08.

    for this reason i went to at&t and test drove an iphone all day- the browser works.. but its clunky slow machine, and that touch keypad is awful.

    I’ve got about 20 more days to return the sk08 so im still torn as to what to do- I’ll have to break my contract too

  3. mike Says:

    Ever consider a blackberry curve? Way better on messaging, web page viewing, and phone quality….

  4. tamtam Says:

    The sidekick lx an 08 sucks butt, can’t even click on links on a lot of websites. Myspace looks an load likes shyt. Tmobile has the worst phones. I’m going to switch to verzion when my contract is up!!!!!!!!!!

  5. xandir818 Says:

    Hey all I have to say its im stuck on oldder peaces of mecahirary I have a slide and still can’t get into site and use a huge protion of it so0o yea tmoibe is just wack all within itself

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