Sidekick LX Release Party Pictures

Missed out on going to the Celebrity Sidekick LX release party? Don’t feel bad, we didn’t get to go either. (I guess the invitation was lost in the mail.)

WireImage has some photos from the Launch to make it seem like you were there.

Some of the Celebrities who attended were Jenna Jameson, Carmen Electra, JC Chasez, Laura Prepon, Lil’ John, Bow Wow, Travis Barker, Kat Von D, and for some unknown reason to all mankind Chris “Chrissy” Crocker.

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Chris.. erm, “Chrissy” Crocker makes a… “appearance” We were going to label this one NSFW (Not Safe For Work) but we’re going to label it NSFHR (Not Safe For Human Retinas) …proceed with Extreme Caution, the color Orange may be ruined for life after viewing.

5 Responses to “Sidekick LX Release Party Pictures”

  1. sidekickfag Says:

    yay! chris crocker was there! i wish i could’ve seen my gurl =)

  2. dbla921 Says:

    haha “chrissy” crocker.. booooooo.. She’s as deranged looking in person as she is in pictures.. REALLY.. I saw her at a club out here in LA.. I almost wanted to vomit..

    ..then that shirt it was wearing?! “Save Britney” ugh.. homo needs to LEAVE Britney the hell alone..

    Shameful Plug: Everyone buy Brit’s new CD “BLACKOUT” October 30th 😀

  3. hamilton Says:

    Ok so crissy crocker is a lil obsessive about da hole brit fing but she does hav a poin. Just shut up nd leave her da hell alone. No 1 here is her so not bein her u don’t kno wat she is goin thru. Brit is hot nd a gr8 singa, she is goin thru a rought patch but I’m sure she will cum bak as da sexy singa we all no nd luv. Hit me baby one more tym rox!!!! Nd leve crissy alone she is just defendin brit nd so he is a lil annoyin I’m sure every1 has a lil bit of annoyinness in em. So untyl u r dem don’t judge em.

  4. Znakomka Says:

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  5. Manga Says:

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