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Everyone who has used the Sidekick Shells website has been impressed by how easy it is to use. We’re still waiting to see how all these custom shells come out. If you got one, take a picture of it (and include yourself proudly holding it) and send it in to admin [at] We’re going to start a gallery of readers and their pimped out kicks!

7 Responses to “Submit Your Custom Sidekick Shells for the Reader Gallery”

  1. francine Says:

    hello hi i need to know that sidekick 2008 themes have to put there on sidkcik huh but how doing that but can u tell me that abt it thank u… also pls explain to me everty thing alright

  2. Dave Says:

    Learn English, then try again.

  3. samir lakhani Says:

  4. alexiis aka lexi Says:

    look at my desiign iits hott lol

    iif u want me to design one for you

    e mail: K33P iiT

    aim: K33P iiT FR3Shx3


    just ask if u want a design ok check just 2 of mines out

  5. alexiis aka lexi Says:

    u like miines?

    lol if u want me to design u one e mail me

    K33P iiT

  6. Anonymous Says:

  7. Anonymous Says:

    how do you get the link to your shell

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