T-Mobile Grammy Tour 2009

Grammy Celebration Concert Tour Presented by T-Mobile Sidekick

Remember that Grammy Tour last year that was sponsored by the T-Mobile Sidekick? Well it’s back again this year. T-Mobile is officially sponsoring the 51st Grammy Celebration Tour and they’ve announced dates and some performers!

Leona Lewis will be kicking things off in LA on April 9th, Katy Perry will be doing Miami (May 13th), and LL Cool J will be rocking New York on May 28th. They haven’t announced all of the other artists yet (last year they had 2-3 artists for each show), but they will be over the next few weeks over on sidekick.com and grammys.com. If last year’s line-up is any indication (John Legend, Busta Rhymes, Missy Elliot, Seal, etc.) then it should be another not-to-be-missed tour for Sidekickers.

* April 9th – Leona Lewis in Los Angeles, CA at the Hollywood Palladium
* April 14th – ??? in San Francisco, CA at the Warfield
* April 28th – ??? in Boston, MA at the House of Blues Boston
* May 13th – Katy Perry in Miami, FL at Fillmore Miami Beach at Jackie Gleason Theater
* May 28th – LL Cool J in New York, NY at Terminal 5

So how do you get tickets? A limited amount of tickets will be available through special, in-store contests and giveaways at select T-Mobile stores in each city. The T-Mobile Sidekick website will also give you the chance to enter to win a VIP concert package.

Hope your city is on the list! I’ll see you guys at the San Francisco show!

8 Responses to “T-Mobile Grammy Tour 2009”

  1. meme Says:


  2. Dave Says:

    If only they had Ciara there *Sighs*. Oh well….

  3. Joekido Says:

    Another pointless news that has nothing to do with blade “sigh”. Oh well

  4. Alex Says:

    meme on February 24, 2009 at 12:11 pm said:


    There’s PLENTY of Sidekick 2008 information. In fact, they are selling them in T-Mobile stores NOW!

    Anyways, I look forward to trying to catch one of these shows.

  5. Mike M. Says:

    Obviously that was a typo haha. I can see why though cause I still type 2008 half the time when I have to but, on accident of course. Anyway, i’m thinking meme meant 2009 🙂

    MOAR PLZ. lol @ meme you stole that from me on my other post, silly ! 😉 haha jkjk.

  6. josh Says:

    How you not gonna be able to access the sidekick.com web site on the sidekick. That’s pretty dumb!! I’m tryin to sign up for the SF show 😛

  7. babygirl2 Says:

    Wow why Don’t they make a sidekick website that’s sidekick friendly .. Smh

  8. Anonymous Says:


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