T-Mobile is now in the Carolinas and Puerto Rico

T-Mobile’s takeover of Suncom is pretty much complete after about a year since the purchase was announced. They’ve announced that it is now “T-Mobile Service” in the areas that Suncom formerly provided cell service for. These areas include North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. They’ve also started rebranding the Suncom stores as T-Mobile stores, so you should see signs switching on the brick and mortar stores if you’re in one of these areas. Here’s the official press release from T-Mobile:

T-Mobile USA Launches Service in the Carolinas and Puerto Rico
And in Additional Former SunCom Markets

BELLEVUE, Wash.—Sept. 8, 2008—T-Mobile USA, Inc. today announced it has launched the T-Mobile brand and service in former SunCom markets throughout North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

“Today, millions of consumers now have a new and powerful choice in national wireless communications – and that choice is T-Mobile®,” said Sue Nokes, chief customer and operations officer, T-Mobile USA. “Our commitment to customers, existing and new, is that you will find a happy home with
T-Mobile. Our customer service is top-ranked. We’ve invested millions to build out local networks. And we have a proven track record of bringing dynamic new offerings to market that make it easy and convenient to keep important people close — no matter how near or far they are.”

These new T-Mobile customers (former SunCom customers) now can receive the benefits of T-Mobile’s nationwide network, improved regional coverage, top-quality customer service, and breakthrough communications products and services. This completes the transition of SunCom Wireless to T-Mobile. The acquisition, for an aggregate of approximately $2.4 billion in cash and assumed debt, was announced in September 2007 and completed in February 2008.

With the changeover to T-Mobile, customers can have access to rate plans comparable or greater in value to the ones they enjoyed with SunCom. The vast majority of customers also can enjoy the new benefits of T-Mobile service while keeping their current mobile phone and number, making the transition to T-Mobile easy and hassle-free.

Today, former SunCom retail locations have been re-launched as T-Mobile stores, allowing customers to shop close to home and at familiar locations that now feature a new selection of products and services from T-Mobile. Former SunCom customers will be getting detailed information on their transition to
T-Mobile later this month. Customers can also visit https://www.lobuenoseponemejor.com/ in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands and www.verygoodday.info in the U.S. to learn more about the transition and find answers to a variety of commonly asked questions.

T-Mobile will continue to deliver innovative products and services that offer customers better ways to communicate with those most important to them. This includes services such as Unlimited HotSpot Calling and T-Mobile @Home® that provide great call quality and unlimited nationwide calling from home via Wi-Fi for a low, flat rate.* It also includes access to T-Mobile’s myFaves® service offering unlimited nationwide calling to five people.** T-Mobile offers a wide variety of exclusive handsets such as the T-Mobile Sidekick®, T-Mobile Shadow™, and T-Mobile Dash™, as well as in-demand phones such as MOTOROKR E8, Nokia 5610 XpressMusic, Samsung Katalyst and Sony Ericsson TM506, plus a wide variety of BlackBerry® devices.

With the transition, new T-Mobile customers now have access to T-Mobile’s coast-to-coast national network as well as regional coverage, which is greatly enhanced from SunCom’s former network. Since the acquisition, T-Mobile has invested more than $100 million in strengthening the network in the Carolinas and Puerto Rico to give customers a stronger signal in a wider area, as one example of the enhanced regional coverage. The transition also increases T-Mobile’s national network coverage so that the company now serves 99 of the top 100 markets nationally.

T-Mobile operates an all-digital network based exclusively on GSM technology, which is the most widely used digital standard worldwide. T-Mobile customers benefit from this global technology platform by having the choice to use their same phone and same phone number when traveling across the country and internationally. Consistent with its stick together® mission, T-Mobile provides customers with voice coverage in more than 220 countries worldwide, including through T-Mobile’s roaming partners.
T-Mobile HotSpot subscribers also can enjoy Wi-Fi wireless broadband service at more than 45,000 total locations, across 25 countries, throughout North America, Europe and Asia.

*Unlimited HotSpot Calling and T-Mobile @Home require capable devices and qualifying plans. Calls must originate on Wi-Fi network.

**MyFaves allows unlimited nationwide calling to five U.S. numbers; some exclusions apply.

10 Responses to “T-Mobile is now in the Carolinas and Puerto Rico”

  1. 718heightz Says:

    well that’s nice. hm slowly we gonna see them (t-mobile) turn into a giant money hungry company. with over priced phones with OLD technology and over over priced apps. i wonder if they care about the customers or being number one. also all of what i said is TM offers to those region. if we look in the pass we will see TM following the footsteps of AT&T. for now i don’t mind there offers becuz imma give dem time to proud themselves. the holiday season is there deadline. if theres no upgrades to the sidekick than iphone here i come.

  2. Dzone Says:

    This is great news for everyone in that area.
    congrats… & enjoy your new devices.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    There is a replacement coming for the sidekick coming its called android the HTC dream getin rid of my kick for this amazing phone and its a defanate iphone killer…no murder er

  4. rob Says:

    There is a sidekick replacement and iphone killer no murderer coming its the Android HTC Dream 🙂

  5. MissRabbit Says:

    Thank goodness! I always hated traveling from New York to NC all the time and my phone keeps jumping to Suncom. I always said to myself “man they really need a T-Mobile here..”

    Guess my prayers have been answered..

    Cool deal on the free Sidekick by the way, but im already a t-mo customer and ive got the darned thing..

  6. Orlandito Colucci Says:

    Wow, I don’t post here anymore since I forgot my log in but the admins should probably remember me, I use to come here when Hiptop3 was gonna come out. I miss to post first! In every topic thingy. lmao

    Umm, I’m from Puerto Rico and I’m now T-Mobile! Should I be happy or sad? Who knows!

    I want a Sidekick, can I upgrade my device? I need help. I don’t wanna pay 300 on a phone.

    And Admins make my account work again and send me my password. My Email is Psycho_walker13@hotmail.com Thanks <3.

  7. admin Says:

    Welcome back Orlandito! You (and anyone else that’s forgotten theirs) can reset your password here: https://www.hiptop3.com/wp-login.php?action=lostpassword

  8. Orlandito Colucci Says:

    I tried but I couldn’t since I forgot something *checks*

    And the reason why I’m posting is because it doesn’t say “You need to register to post”. I’m a veteran on this site. lol.

    I just tried and I think it worked! Thanks! <3

    I remember when some Paris and Nicole impostors came remember?

  9. Hiptop Says:

    I got my free sidekick in Tampa, FL last night. Never was a suncom customer, but I had a suncom hiptop. Traded it in, got a sidekick 2008, awesome phone!

  10. victor Says:

    tmobil es un fraude roban la senal los demandare

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