T-Mobile Sidekick Least Likely To Give You Cancer

The age-old debate on whether cell-phones cause brain cancer continues. This time at least it’s good news for Sidekick 2008 users. A study ranked the cell phones with the lowest radiation on the market and the Sidekick is in the top ten! The study was done by the non-profit organization Environmental Working Group and analyzed emissions from 1,268 cellphones. Here’s the report on the Sidekick and you can check out all the available phones on the market too.

6 Responses to “T-Mobile Sidekick Least Likely To Give You Cancer”

  1. best36man Says:

    No wonder our service is s#!t. give me radiation and service

  2. Jakir Says:

    Well at least its good for something 😀

  3. James Says:

    this is probably because the phone is useless. thanks danger, youve offically made the phone 100% useless. not only will it not work for anything, but it wont give me cancer. i guess its always good for… well nothing, paperweight?

  4. Nizzle Says:

    best36man on September 12, 2009 at 12:16 am said:

    No wonder our service is s#!t. give me radiation and service

    Just had to say, that was funny as crap.

  5. kevin Says:

    you people are tards. yeah the sidekick doesnt get the best service but id rather have bad service than cancer i can move to better coverage cancer just stays there its like what cartman says i may be fat but your ugly i can diet . but its good to know sidekicks are good for two things besides keeping in contact ; their a godsend to the deaf community and they wont give u cancer so lets hear it for no cancer and deaf community help !

  6. rick Says:

    Everyone that wrote anything before me is a *$@^&# idiot , for not giving a crap about getting cancer and the other guys for being a dumb*** and acting like a damn cheerleader

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