The Sidekick ID, the SKiD!

When it rains, it pours… We’ve gotten confirmation from several sources that the new Sidekick will be dubbed the Sidekick ID, or the SKiD for short. (Yes, we know, be glad we didn’t pick a different picture for this post) This is the PV-150 we’ve seen on the FCC site, and heard in passing the past few months. Consider it confirmed now though. The details? It’s going to be about $100 with a 2 year contract and $150 with a 1 year contract. No bluetooth, no camera, no miniSD, no MP3 player, etc. Basically it will be a phone, web browser, and AIM client, with the addition of MyFaves. Why would you buy this? It’s inexpensive, people that can’t have camera phones at work can take it to work, and it’ll probably end up being one of those “Free with activation” phones further down the road. Expect it to hit in the next month or two, leaked pictures before then.

UPDATE: Speaking of leaked pictures, CrunchGear already has one:

One Response to “The Sidekick ID, the SKiD!”

  1. Brandon Says:


    Please, leave that picture! I dont even want to know what you were going to post. lol

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