Win a Sidekick 2008 + $500

If a Sidekick 2008 for $0.01 is too expensive for you, or you already have a T-Mobile account, there’s another way for you to snag a Sidekick for free. KevJumba is running a video contest where you can win a Sidekick plus a $500 American Express gift card. You’ll have to get your creative juices flowing and make a video in response to his video and he’ll choose a winner on Jan 26th. Let us know in the comments if you’ve posted an entry so we can check it out.

28 Responses to “Win a Sidekick 2008 + $500”

  1. FEZ Says:

    Making mines soon!

    show it later =]

  2. Anonymous Says:

    My sidekick LX will no longer read memory cards? Is there a way to fix this without sending it in to t-mobile

    My sidekick LX has stopped reading memory cards. Every time I insert a memory card it says “memory card error” “The inserted car cannot be read. Please use another card.” The phone won’t even let me format the card it says “unable to format.” I’ve already tried the memory cards on my brother’s LX and they work perfectly, I even reformatted the cards on his and they still won’t work in mine. Does this mean that my memory card reader is dead, or is there a way to fix it?

  3. Nick Doughty Says:

    go under settings, memory card, and click format now. it will erase everything on the card but it should make it work again, or atleast it did with mine. worth a try

  4. cazza Says:

    My hiptop is startin to reset itself its not good cozz I loss everythin but it is a mad hiptop ever the best phone i’v hadd hehehe =D xx

  5. Anderson Jean Louis Says:

    I really want to have a new sidekick and some money because I need both my sidekick Lx its broken up the screan is cracking up I can`t even see clearly .

  6. lynsey Says:

    cant afford to get new one.
    i really need free sk2008 really bad.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    how mush

  8. Joanna Says:

    i always want it

  9. Natasha Says:

    i really want a sidekick so bad i cant stand not having one. and on top of that my mom just died

  10. Alexanria Says:

    i really need a phonee im 17 and my mom just had a hip replacement she in the hosptil still ; and now where on food stantmet ; and i would love to have one of them phones ;

  11. SHAY Says:

    Yoooo i jusss need dua foneeeeeeeeeee plzzz

  12. Cheyenne Says:

    I really want one

  13. meme Says:

    i realy need i phone so i have somthing when i go out plzzzzz

  14. meme Says:

    plzz let me win

  15. Cheyenne Says:

    yo give me the sidekick i’m like 13 or older i am responable

  16. liyah Says:

    pla let meh win i really need a phone badly plz.send tha updates to ma -mail.[

  17. denise Says:

    woof i lovee these fones andd my parents dont have tmobile and i need a fone incase of an emergency or wen i go to skool and my son gets sick
    so plss let me win this (;

  18. Daisy Says:

    I really will like to win this phone im a mom of four kids and im 25 year old and I neven get to buy myself nothing cause every cent I get go to my four kids and is hard me myself doing it on my own. So please help me by letting me win this phone.

  19. soljah Says:

    hey every buddy!! i have an LX and it wont read my 1gb but if i put a 512mb it will notice the card but wont read it …i try to format it says it cant format

    but i try that with the 1gb and it wont read what so ever any tips ideas troubleshooting ? i should know thx

  20. $amantha Says:

    People are ridiculous , making up stories.
    Like come on, Make the damn video good so you can be chosen -_-
    Shaking MY HEAD at these lames.

  21. Asia Graham Says:

    im 15 and i never had a
    cell phone. i know thats
    crazy and i really lovee
    the sidekick 08

  22. krystal Says:

    i never had a phone before and i would be happy if i won the sidekick 08 it would make me the happiest person on eart please pick me 🙁

  23. sequain Says:

    i am so sorry but i really need this phone because i been asking my mom for 3 years and she said no please make me win and iwil be so happy that i got a side kick and finally show my friend i am not poor please make me win this contest and i will be happy that i finally got something i want thank u sir if u let me win

  24. sequain Says:

    please sir i am 14 i really need it

  25. sequain Says:

    thaxz so much if i win

  26. Manuella Says:

    I want this phone:) I live in singapore and they dont sell sidekicks here:(
    It’s my dream phone ever since I was 10
    Can i please win:)


  27. james Says:

    hi i really want a sidkik lx 09 because ive always wanted one and my parents alwaystold me that they were gonna get me one butt they didn’t and i dont have enough money basicley im poor.

  28. sidekick Says:

    Yaaaaay I won it in your faces !

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