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A topic of conversation was brought up a couple times while I was “on tour” with the T-Mobile/Grammy Concerts. What would you like to see on the Sidekick the most?/How could it be improved? I conveyed some of my own thoughts and wishful thinking (GPS and Google Maps). But I want to open it up to you guys. I can’t guarantee this will have any impact on the future of the Sidekick obviously, but I’m curious to see what everyone out there thinks the Sidekick (LX or Slide) needs. Drop your thoughts in the comments!

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  1. sallyboiii Says:



  2. Bones15 Says:

    There should be some Wifi. And I’m sure teens need Google Maps. It’s not like we stay at home all day and don’t go out. We drive too you know.
    Anywayz. It should have a much better camera. Video recording/playback. A better speaker, which will improve the call quality. And a new OS that’s as easy to use, and intuitive as the current OS, but with a more mature look. Not funky bubbles. And there should be GTalk, and more enchanced E-Mail.

  3. Ryan Yo Says:

    Ha, Google Maps too “adult?” I use that weekly. I had the T-Mob Wing a while back and one of the features I miss the most was the integration of a mapping program. Once you’ve got something like that in your pocket, you can’t imagine life without it.

  4. sdk4fiend Says:

    I agree with da vedio cam and better speaker but wat about a button 2 open da sidekick that would be cool like the old nextels

  5. Bones15 Says:

    A button to open it? Ok now it just became more of a phone for children. I can imagine all the little kids getting all wet about their phones opening by the press of some little colorful button. HAHA.

  6. ncmacasl Says:

    Video playback (youtube, etc.). Better Web Browser (was state-of-the-art several years ago, but now iPhone puts it to shame.
    Wifi, 3G, bring back the bumpers (I have accidently turned off my LX more times than I can count), even more font choices (but LX/Slide was a huge improvement). Credit for having owned older versions of games/apps. (Even a 50% discount would be great.)

  7. moodmusik Says:

    I agree with everything Bones15 said but with one addition… they need to expand the amount of text messages the phone can hold. I go through that total 100 (both outgoing and incoming) texts in no time and i hate having to erase so much. I know it seems arbitrary but its a texters phone that is something i would like to see.

  8. xhyphyx Says:

    i have been a sidekick user since the 1st colored sidekick, all the way up to my brown LX and i finally said enough, iff im paying over 400 for a phone and 80 bucks a month for my plan i should have way more features then what a sidekick can offer

    and if im paying 6 bucks for a game i want a decent game, bob is cool but come on 3 fucking levels what a joke and what crap graphics

    for 400 bucks you can grab an iphone off ebay unlocked, then go to tmobile store get a flex plan for say 39.99 get urself 600 mins and unlimited nights and weekens, then throw on 5 or 6 bucks for a grip of text and get tzones and use a easily downloadable patch to allow tzones to be your EDGE connection

    so your paying what 50 or 60 dollers, with no contract so maybe like 30 less than wth a sidekick and you get REAL web browsing, a phone that can store and play movies, youtube, oogle maps, wifi, video recording capability, not to mention the amazing amount of 3rd party software available to unlocked iphones like full nintendo emulators and playstation emulators fully customizable features down to the welcome screen and power off sounds

    sorry but anyone who continues to buy a sidekick is getting screwed they should not be 400 bucks but more like 250

    i eep watching this page ecase honestly i would like to see a sidekick with real features, hopefully now that microsoft picked up danger we can finally see a device worth while but unell then im rocken my iphone and my sidekick is goin on ebay for 200 bucks

  9. WUTANG4EVER Says:

    Yes video playback… so it can be able to play videos straight off of youtube etc and all other audio and stuff. Also a better camera without the stupid flash/no flash option alone. Yea i pretty much agree with everything Ncmacasl said… OH and especially the power button thing. Plus internet tabs so you can go on more than 2 sites at once (i would have rather had that than the email tabs)

  10. yoo Says:

    First, let’s start with the camera. The camera on the Sidekick is CRAP! We need a better quality camera that actually moves with you when you move the camera, not like half a second behind. A picture editor installed IN the camera, so we won’t be forced to pay $10 for one in the Download Catalog. The camera should also be able to record video, too… in GOOD quality.
    Let’s get to the applications. Important items like a world map, unit converter, calculator, alarm clock, and a fitness tracker for free in the Download Catalog or already installed in the Sidekick. We should also be able to save games and applications to the memory card as well as the phone when we run out of memory in the phone itself. I say with a screen as big as an LX, we should be able to watch videos on it, similar to how we are able to listen to music. A GPS would be nice, too. Also, a BETTER speaker. The speakers on my LX is crap. Whenever I try to play music with the headphones, I can BARELY hear it, even with the volume ALL THE WAY UP.
    Now, the web browser. We need a faster web browser that supports java and flash. This includes Imeem, YouTube, and PDF support. Please, listen to me. These are all the things we need for the next Sidekick for it to be perfect and we will stop complaining! Also, the we don’t need a new OS. The OS is fine the way it is. DON’T CHANGE THE UNIQUE DANGER SIDEKICK US WE ALL CAME TO KNEW AND LOVE! Thank you for listening and have a good day.

  11. yoo Says:

    PS: I forgot. We should have a tabbed web browser, IMing, and maybe even MySpace.

  12. Bones15 Says:

    Wow you all have awesome ideas. Love the tabbed web browser. Some of you are asking for too much. LoL.

    I want to add that we should have a camera with face tracking. I mean, even 1.3 mp webcams can do that. So wtf.
    And why not an accelorometer? When the phone is how we usually hold it, it’s the way we all know and love it. But when we hold it straight up, it shows a different menu. You all know what I mean? Or at least be able to press a button and be able to change the OS into a different one. Like the T-Mobile Shadow.

    Nah? Haha.

  13. X Says:

    Sharp comes out with a Sharp’s 904SH(https://francyx.com/blog/2006/03/) in 2006 with face recognition and all these crazy features… we all know the hard ware is there. We need WIFI, 3G, Touch Screen, Video Play back, Even Better Battery, Better Bluetooth, Camera 3 mega pixels? Google maps. GPS
    Louder Speaker. all i’ll say if you build it they will come.
    We’ve been waiting for awhile for a much better sidekick i think
    instead of taking it slow i think its time to take down the market

  14. niciarsen Says:

    video, tabbed web browser, bumpers (I always turn my phone off on accident because the button gets hit), and larger inbox or the ability to have it use memory on the memory card for texts instead of your internal memory

  15. Ryan Yo Says:

    I think tabbed browsing is a must and should be thrown into an over-the-air update. Shouldn’t be that hard to do right? Also, I would really love to change how that “blue-gray” bar looks at the top of the screen.

  16. kdzy Says:

    They should have demos for the games or free trials because some of the games that are in there have no buisness being there.
    They should include the ability to refresh the catalog without having to reset the phone.
    Spam blocker for the email.
    Having your deleted text messages and bookmarks be gone for good instead of coming back when the phone resets by itself.
    A camera with zoom.
    They should have full length mp3 songs in the catalog that would go to the music player when u buy them.
    Be able to view the real t-mobile website from the web browser.
    The ability to send and receive mp3s from other phones.

  17. yoo Says:

    NO TOUCH SCREEN! Sorry, this may be just a personal preference, but I REALLY don’t think touch screen should belong on a Sidekick, especially with a navigation trackball.

  18. BurnTheBlueSky Says:

    Long list, bare with me.

    1. Definitely a better camera, I have seen other peoples phones who also have 1.3mp cameras, and they rule compared to ours.
    2. Definitely demos for the games, I’ve wasted SO much money buying a game, playing it once cause It was garbage, and deleting it.
    3. I have lost so many friends to the iPhone, we need the sidekick to be able to compete, give us google maps, and gps, and all that good stuff. My moms crappy Verizon phone has gps, and I’m mad because of it.
    4. The ringtones, are terrible. They sound good, but when my phone rings and the 10 second clip of the song repeats 4 times, it drives me up the wall.
    5. Flash for the web browser, because that would just be great. And wifi on top of that.
    6. It has to have video, the iPhone has video, GIVE US VIDEO
    7. I think touchscreen would be amazing, IF, they made our screen touch screen, but we still have the flip, with the keyboard behind it, and the trackball. Because typing on the iPhone is a mega downfall. We seriously have the single greatest IM program and keyboard than any phone. Adding the touchscreen would be nice for webrowsing, and certain things.
    8. 3G (obviously)
    9. Definitely more space for text messages, and applications. Don’t give me “blocks” to store my apps and games, eff that. Or at least let them be saved to the micro SD card.
    10. Tabbed web browsing is a must.
    11. The IM system is amazing. However, what we need is them to bring back the status messages! They were there for a while and I loved them, and they took them away wtf!
    12. The battery sucks. Seriously, I shouldnt have to charge it when I get home from an 8 hour work day because I’m getting the exclamation point. The sidekick 3 cradle charger was a godsend, I would keep a spare battery charging at all times and swap when necessary.
    13. kdzy, the catalog refreshes itself if you go into it, unless it just refreshed. A way to test it, is go into it, and then go back to the jump screen, and watch your top bar, and it will pop up and say catalog contents refreshed, or something of the sort.

    Well even though I wish I had all this stuff, I’ll never get rid of my sidekick, we have formed an unbreakable bond since the sidekick 1.

  19. Fredstar Says:

    Well Here is my wish list and its a pretty big one so prepare.
    Well lets start

    1. Maybe a 2 megapixel camera with the ablity to zoom, to apply cool effects and record off the sidekick memory and SD memory card. also a 1.3 megapixel camera on the top of the sidekick screen for those photobooth type pics.
    2. Xbox live type profiles for sidekick gamers (DEF Demos before buying those crappy sidekickware games)
    3. Better GAMES!!!(tetris, zuma, (mirosoft pc games) Since micro bought danger) 🙂 More sega GAMES PLEASE!!! They nintendo or some game company up in there..more online games..Maybe EA should be on it.
    4. Custom Ringtones (mp3,wav,aac, wma)…I think its time for them to make a program that allowed us, sidekick users, to make ringtones and import it on our sidekicks. If not, just let us use our mp3, wma,aac, etc as ringtones…Greedy
    5. A better internet browser with flash Please and tabs!!! they should atleast install a flashplayer like the Wii opera browser…even though its an old version..its better than no flash
    6. A video player…Plz….because this crap is getting really old…i feel like every sidekick is the same….Come on Tmobile and danger..you can do better…stop being cheap. The video player should be allowed to play Mp4, and Wmv at least.
    7. Touchscreen…Idk about that…Touch screen can be annoying and get dirty easily..especially if some spot of the screen starts becoming inactive due to hardware issues.
    but go ahead, it will make touchscreen lovers happy in their pants.
    8. 3G is a most …if they dont then they are just playing hardcore sidekick and technology gadget lovers
    9. Wifi ..duh! with the ablity to do Home Hotspot
    10. Google map. gps (if its possible)youtube application,opera browser, facebook application, Flickr ( however u spell it), Photobucket, Stock application, blogspot and blog applications for like gizmodo updates. free weather application, theme maker..etc
    11. The messengers are great but to make it a lil better…add!!! Invisable mode, animated smileys, skins or themes for the messengers, status message ablity, and ablity to send do photo transfer would be nice
    12. Bluetooh – They need like some Audio bluetooth hardware and let us trade photos,ringtones, videos etc over bluetooth
    13. Gmail Push service
    14 Let us use our own pictures as a wallpaper
    15 The catalog is a mess..UpGRADE THAT mess
    16. A better calender that would sync with outlook and autosync ( It would make sense since Microsoft bought danger)
    17. More colors… Navy blue, Dark brown, Hot pink, Neon green, Black on black, Rose red, Violent, Yellow/black mixed…etc..if not customizable skins or something
    18. I hate that i need to open the battery cover to get my memory card…they need to put the slot on the side outside. Not external.
    19. Time for a new OS and Java version.
    20… THis would be cool..a hardware inside the sidekick that would detect if other sidekicks are in the area and maybe like a Sidekick beacon locater something kind of like the helio program.
    21. GIF photo Compitable
    22. Last but not least…Better battery…atleast 9hrs would be great if not more!!!

    This is all i got for now in mind.
    Tell me these stuff wouldn’t be great on a sidekick ? I would be freaking happy. GET TO WORK T-Mobile, Microsoft, and Danger…U have a lot to do …Lol.

  20. thatsoup Says:

    Personally, I would love to have a cat remote control application on my sidekick.

    But, really, it would be nice to see flash and video working on a future version. Also, an IRC client would be nice, if possible.

  21. sidekicker Says:

    best sidekick ever would be… take the iphone software features and touchscreen. fit it into a sidekick style body with the keyboard. BAM you got possible the greatest phone ever. why dont people see thats what people want. ugh. idiots.

  22. T0626N Says:

    I love my Sidekick, but for a $300 the next Sidekick MUST have these features:

    1. Better Camera – 3 Mega pixels at least.

    2. Video – It would be nice.

    3. Flash – It really needs this to compare with the iPhone. The new Sidekick would rock if it supported youtube videos.

    4. 3G support – T-Mobile is getting it soon, the next Sidekick NEEDS to have 3G.

    5. Louder Speaker – Current speaker is weak sauce.

    6. Touchscreen with swivel or slide action that reveals a full keyboard – Or a secondary screen that flips open to reveal a full keyboard like the LG Voyager from Verizon.

    7. WiFi – It could be a HotSpot phone if it supported WiFi.

    8. Updated Web Browser – Something like the iPhone web browser but with tabbed browsing.

    9. Updated OS – I like the current OS because it’s simple and intuitive, however it’s looking a bit old. I have no idea how the next OS should look like, but I would like it to retain the current OS’s simplicity.

    10. Hell of a lot more storage for text messages – Like say somewhere in the neighborhood of 500 text messages. Maybe thats wishful thinking but at least 100 for the inbox alone and 100 for the sent messages. The Sidekick’s trademark is that it’s a powerful phone for text messaging. It should hold more messages.

    11. GPS – Again, would be nice.

    Those features are not in order of importance, but I feel that a $300 phone should have these features. Also they need to keep the price for the current sidekick services low. I pay $19.99 a month for the Sidekick Unlimited plan for T-Mobile and aside from the minutes EVERYTHING else is unlimited. This includes text, email, web browsing, and Instant Messaging. It’s great, no other phone can provide all those unlimited services for just $19.99. Ok so thats all I can think of for now, come on Danger… err… Microsoft you can do it!

  23. jsdl_BALLiN Says:

    I lovee this phone.


    camera’s kinda shity? but idc it works.

    im a teen, and this phone is easily a teen phone.
    and DONT let microsoft or danger take the swivel screen off.
    the sidekick does NOT need the touch capeabilite, it would change the whole
    sexy and hot look of the phone. i love the navigation. yes it needs louder
    speakers! screens great! and yes the phone NEEDS video, so you can tape videos and it has to bee good. but dont make the camera huge and ugly like the sk3. overall great phonee. NO TOUCHHH!

    hope this helped.
    go sidekick! and yes the phone needs faster web browsingg!!

  24. abirmaher Says:

    some of the the things i would want are….

    1. better and louder speakers
    2. 3g
    3. video recording and playback
    4. you tube/ flash
    5. more apps
    6. gps
    7. keep the swivel screen
    8. better camera
    9. touchscreen would be nice
    10. wifi
    11. better internet browser like iphone with tabs would be very useful.
    12. now that microsoft bought danger support for microsoft mobile as far as viewing files in work , powerpoint….
    13. More storage for texts.

    those are the basics but i do agree that us sidekick users are right now getting ripped off and should get more for out money but still its a sidekick so w/e.

  25. hamilton Says:

    Definatly tabs on the net, I’ve wanted that ever sence the myspace app. Flash player. I want to be able to watch utube. And is there anyway to down load pics from the net to your phone? I know screen shot but that’s it.

    Im hoping they up the multimedia part of it. I know it is a messaging phone and does that greatly [one complaint, mention bit down] but I think the camera. I use to say 2 mega pixle but with cameras now being 5mp to kep up with the times they are gonna want at least 3mp. Definalty video!! The mp3 player is great love the mini player but I still feal something lacks the layout desging of the mp3 player when you first open it with the composer, playlist ect is so plain and old looking.

    Now the messaging I mentiond. Should be able to hold way wore then 100!! I don’t save my out going messaging and I still have to empty my inbox and trash twice a day it gets that full!! I want at leat 500!!

    Notes should be able to sote more.

    Apps like tasktrak alarm clock ect should come pre installed. More memory for them!!

    Thinner. Not to thin but just to keep up with the age. Lots of people I know complain about it. I would prefure lighter to thinner. The lx was great.

    Keep the mood lights, great screen, best ever keypad and swivel screen. Oh and I love the glossy black colour of the sidekick slide!

    Better bluetooth is a must!!

  26. DowntownAires Says:

    Perfect fit screen protector without any buubles.

  27. nanaboo22 Says:

    Honestly…all of these features would be GREAT – but keep in mind, more features = more problems

  28. blublufrog Says:

    wat would make the sidekick perfect???

    to be able to download your own ringtones.

    think about it if for an extra idk $5.99 a month you were able to download from a 3rd party provider like (phonezoo.com) and be able to get the ringtones that YOU want…. who wouldn’t get that?

    I see the need for T-mobile to want to get profit but how about doing something that actually benefits the customer and gives you money.

    I think everyone would like the freedom to customize their phone in their own way.

    if they do something like that i would stay with the sidekick forever!!!!

  29. hamilton Says:

    Well finaly there is a ota for video on the lx. So all us complaining about the no video could have gotten them to listen. People complained about the lx still being fat and prefuring the lx cause it is smaller. Well from the interview with hank he said thinner and not as wide. So hopefully they have listend to our other complaints about the sidekicks and listend to what it needs over the past year.

  30. hamilton Says:

    You know what my number one wish for sidkicks would be. Cheaper. Each sidekick seems to go up in price or stays the same. Never reducted

  31. Adam5SS Says:

    Voice Activated Dialing
    Tethering for Internet
    Mac Sync Support
    WI-FI / Hotspot@Home
    GPS / MAPS
    Flash and Tabbed Web Browser
    Louder Speaker
    MP3 Ringtones
    Better Camera
    Skype or IM+Skype Software
    Alarm Clock
    More Battery Life!

  32. danny Says:

    3. 3G FOR SURE
    4.better speaker
    5. Touchscreen but keep the keyboard like the glyde but keep the sidekick lx keyboard
    6.maybe bigger screen but its fine
    7. More apps
    8. Keep swivel screen for sure
    9.better internet with flash so it can play any kind of video I definately want to watch videos on youtube and on any site possible
    10. Internet with tabs would be realy good but not nessesary
    12. At least a 3mp camera
    13. Hotspot@home
    14. More battery life
    15. Use just about everything everyone else has suggested that about the internet and youtube and flash and 3g and wifi and camera and really gps and a lot that I want is touchscreen but keep the sidekick keyboard this would make the next sidekick that is made the best cellphone out there it would also be good for tv but really don’t suggest it like I said this would make the sidekick the best phone on the market
    16. Try to keep price lower than $300 with all of recommended things

  33. Lil Lady Says:

    How about simply being able to download ringtone from those free website or at least a wider selection of rintones. If your gonna force ppl to buy within the net work I suggest every song in the world under 99 cents per song and at lest full lenth or options to wat parts you want if i tunes can do it so can they.

  34. who cares Says:

    WAIT SO ARE YEW LIKE TELLING MI YEW KAN N0T LIKE ABS0LUTLY KANT GET A FLASH PLAYER T00 WATCH VIDE0S 0N YOUTUBE.YEW G0T T00 BE KIDDING MI!!!!!!!!!!!! I g0t this PH0NE YESTERDAY && all day I have been trying too find a flash playerr there is no point for the internet then!!!! I have litterally been dying for this phone && its nots so great I hate this phone. IT NEEDS FLASH FOR THE BROWSER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. YUNG FLAWDA Says:

    Wtf!!!!!!diz iz fuqed up!!!!!I jus bought diz dam fone it didn’t cum wit flash datz kind of stupid really. I mean who does dat type of shyt. Give us flash please it would be most helpful

  36. CAVON Says:


  37. shameka. Says:

    I reaaallly want a flash player. That’s definitetly most important to me, but along with that, we need a faster web browser.

    Also, I would just cry tears of fuckin joy if I could get a few FREE ringtones from the internet.

    Thannk yooo.

  38. Vanessa Says:

    flashplayer is my wish!!!!! pls pls pls… it’s so important… and ringtones would be awesome (FOR FREE), Facebook app would be nice also 🙂


  39. Caroline Says:

    I think the mOst imPortanT thiNq I wanna SeE On maH’ sidekick lx le is youtube even thouqh some people say that they somehow managed to put on they phone I jUsT don’t truly Believe it… and to thiNk I Paid 450$ for mY tony Hawk lx & is almOst the same s*** As tHe reGulaR lx >:-(. . .

    And the service On tmObile sUcks Most of the time I have to constantly Be restartinq my phone ; seriously the @ +1+0 Is gettinq me tired . . .

  40. Anonymous Says:

    The on ly thing is ask is for a ichat camara

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