Another email roundup

Some more emails from our inbox for your reading enjoyment. Some are informative, some are funny, some we’re just not sure what to make of. Oh, and everyone asking us about prices, where to get a sidekick 3, details on the upgrade program, etc; just keep your pants on, as soon as we have the info, it will be posted. Now, the emails:

I am a t-mobile employee and the sidekick 3 just
showed up om our internal website yesterday. It looks
great but according to the specs it doesnt have edge,
and its a domestic tri-band. It does however have the
bluetooth and a mega pixel camera. the music player is
called sonic boom and it has four themes named liquid,
madison, rodeo, and surface, and it supports another
type called static. It doesn’t support hifi ringers
from t-zones but thereis a danger download catalog. A
tip is that it doesnt support windows media player
files. it comes with a carrying case, a lanyard, 64 mb
sd card, usb cable, a gift box , sim ,card, and
everything else including a stereo headset… what
does this mean…this means the sk 3 will be out in
about a month or so.


I change is a will be on july 10,06 color black and white.


My uncle is a manager at a local t-mobile store in california where I live and I talked to him about he sidekick 3, i copied and printed out that memo and the letter regarding what t-mobile has told there employees to say to customers asking about the SK3. When I asked him about the SK3 myself, he simply answered, “I have no idea, they havent told me anything”. But when I showed the him the printed copy of the memo and the printed copy of the memo the exlains what to say, he was shocked and asked where I got this information, of course I didnt say, I just said a friend ;). He said that most of the information on both memo’s are mostly correct and that the scheduled date for the SK3 release is around te 10th of july, but they havent gone into much detail. He did show me a paper with some finanicial and technical information, it said that the upgrade program will be avalible to sidekick 1 or 2 owners and that tey are debating whether or not to allow an upgrade for T-mobile To-Go sidekick owners. The retail price of the sidekick is 399.99 and with upgrade should be free (not sure though). I will try to get back the memo paper and scan it to the another e-mail. I just have to get my hands on it again.l..(oh boy).

Hope you found this info acurate!!


Seeing as to how there’s no recent new news….and I’m bored out my mind at work I thought it be fun to inform you all that last night I received and email pertaining to the upgrade to the sk3. I imediately showed all my buddies and outrage soon followed (I got the last ota before them also) anyhow you’ll have to take my word for it cause there is really no way I can prove that’s what I dreamt of last night…

….p.s. I couldn’t get the phone # to upgrade because t.s. Alberto woke me up at 5 a.m.

(re-read the last sentence in the first paragraph before you go crazy in the comments 🙂


To whom it may concerm,
I was at a mall in Chicago today(Lincolnwood Town Center) and while I was passing one of those little cell phone stands that have reps from Cingular, t-mobile, sprint, etc and i decided to ask the t-mobile what he knew about the sidekick 3. He told me to expect it early next month and didn’t really tell me much of anything more than what we already know at, but when I asked about the trade-in program, he directed me to the actual corporate store elsewhere in the mall. One of the reps there confired to me that it would be $299.99 with a new contract, and that there would be a trade-in program for the sidekick 2 owners and will probably allow a $100 discount with the trade-in. so there ya go.


That’s all for now. Remember, if you have any (reliable or new) info and/or pictures, send them over to Be sure to let us know if you need to remain anonymous and we’ll keep our mouths shut about which ninja scored the info.

7 Responses to “Another email roundup”

  1. ldominicano Says:

    first post and im first!!! wooo hooo!

  2. tonightwestorm Says:

    come on.
    enough with the crap emails.
    the first email is crap because SK3
    1. does run on the edge network (it says in the manual)
    2. has a 1.3 megapixel camera (manual)
    3. music player is NOT called SonicBoom (no mention in the manual)

    this is all crap.
    you should have left it at the men’s health articles with is (thank god) the first real piece of published news.

  3. macfreak Says:

    If it’s not EDGE I may have to move on. I hope that one e-mail was wrong.

  4. Drfred4lyfe88 Says:

    it is

  5. tonightwestorm Says:

    it says in the manual.
    runs on EDGE and GPRS networks.

  6. Matthew Says:

    Guys These Are Just Emails Don’t Freak Out Over It, If You Don’t Like To Read Users Emails Then Don’t! And Don’t Bitch About It, Get A Life And Quit Checking Out This Website Every 10 Mins. 😀

  7. InkDrinker Says:

    hmm a new comment.

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