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Sidekick LX Video OTA rolling out to everyone

Monday, July 28th, 2008
Sidekick LX Video OTA Complete Screenshot

If you hadn’t heard, it’s finally time for the Sidekick LX Video OTA to roll out to everyone. Over the last week or two the update has been slowly rolling out. The pioneer people that got the users should also receive a new update that brings them up to the latest version. So yes, it’s finally here guys. It’s rolling out randomly, not based on location at all. Good luck trying to guess when you’ll get the OTA. Just sit tight and we’ll all be enjoying the new video and browser goodness before too long.

Where is the Sidekick LX Video OTA?

Tuesday, July 15th, 2008

Everyone keeps asking where their video OTA is for the Sidekick LX. It’s still in the pioneer phase right now. This means it will roll out to a small percentage of the Sidekick LX users first. Things will be tested to make sure nothing is wrong, and then it will roll out to everyone. The OTA has been in the pioneer phase for about a month, with no word on an official full roll-out date yet. It’s unclear as to why things aren’t rolling out to everyone, but it could be anything from a small bug, to larger problems on the back-end servers. Hang in there guys. It’s totally worth the wait!

Opening the Mailbag

Wednesday, June 25th, 2008

Here at we get quite a bit of email, a lot (Ok, most) of the emails we get are the same questions over and over. So we’re going to cover them all in this post rather than answer each one individually.

Is the ota a new sidekick or is it something that’s on the sidekick lx

Hey, I was wondering, what really is a ota update? Will it benifit me or my sidekick lx

The OTA is a Software update for the Sidekick LX. You don’t have to buy a new sidekick for the OTA. Yes, your sidekick will benefit from the update of course. Read our previous posts on the new features.

How can I get the OTA update in my sidekick lx

how do you get the ota update for the lx? through an email or something

U probably are tired ?F hearin this bu I jus wanted 2 ??? how I would ??? when I get my ota

For the sidekick lx ota update does the update come in from your email. Like can u send me a screen shoot of what it would like when the ota comes and I would know that, that is the ota and I need to upgrade it.

That’s the hidden beauty in the OTA process. You do nothing. Just continue using your Sidekick as usual. When the update is ready a box will popup on your phone letting you know that a system update has been downloaded. You can choose to install now, or install later. If you choose later, it will prompt you again later or you can press Menu from the Jump Screen and select the Update menu item.

This is what the box looks like.

It sucks, I can’t go on myspace using my phone’s web browser anymore because of the new myspace layout. Do you think they did it on purpose to force people to buy the myspace application?

No. MySpace is notorious for being very poor on the Sidekick. Every time they change something the site breaks on the Sidekick. It’s just a coincidence that there is a full Application and MySpace has web developers that occasionally screw things up. You can take the foil hats off now.

So are THE ota updates coming on THE 26 of june

On the 25th is the OTA for everyone gonna be rolled out

We don’t know when the OTA rollout will start. Everything now is a rumor. What we do know is just because the roll out starts on say the 25th of June, that does NOT mean everyone gets it that day. It can still take weeks for you to get your update.

How can I get my update faster?

You’ll get your OTA when it’s ready. Just wait. This might be Tomorrow, this might be weeks. The only thing you can do to make the OTA come faster is slip into a coma until around Mid-July (The OTA should (by our estimations) be fully rolled out by then.)

Will the sidekick slide get the OTA update too?

No, the Slide will not be getting this OTA from all that we have heard. If this changes, we will certainly report on it.

Quick Find Feature (Sidekick LX OTA)

Monday, June 23rd, 2008

One of the new features that comes with the 4.6 OTA for the Sidekick LX is the “Quick Find”. Basically this is a super quick way to search your entire Sidekick for something. Here’s a quick video of it in action:

Sidekick LX Quickfind feature

Sidekick LX Video Playback

Sunday, June 22nd, 2008

So everyone has seen the video recording capabilities of the Sidekick LX, but what about video playback? We converted a video into .3gp and tossed it on the Sidekick to see how it looked. Surprisingly it turned out pretty good! It’s not unreasonable to think that people could be watching TV shows and music videos on their Sidekick. We won’t say movies are a possibility because we haven’t done any testing to see just how much of an impact this has on battery life. Anyways, enough talk, here’s the video:

Sidekick LX Video Playback from HiptopVideos on Vimeo.

Sidekick LX OTA: New Browser Features

Sunday, June 22nd, 2008

Sidekick LX New Browser Features

Video sample from the Sidekick LX post Video OTA Update

Saturday, June 21st, 2008

I’m sure everyone is clamoring to see more samples of what video from the Sidekick LX looks like. We’ve got another for you. This is what it looks like when uploaded to YouTube and re-encoded:

Here’s the original video that will play if you have Quicktime installed:

If you want to see the original .3gp file that was recorded, click here to download.

Answering the “When will I get my OTA?” emails

Friday, June 20th, 2008

We’ve gotten quite a bit of emails asking us “When will I get my OTA?” Honestly, there’s no concrete answer. The OTA process is entirely randomized.

Danger rolls out OTAs in 2 parts, Part 1 is commonly referred to the “Pioneer” phase. (Which is what the OTA is in) What that means is Danger and T-Mobile randomly select a random mashing of users and send them the OTA. They then see how the OTA goes (If there’s any major issues, bricking devices, etc.) If all goes well in the Pioneer phase and noone is killed in the process of the Pioneer phase, then Phase 2 is started and the OTA moves into full roll out mode. Full roll out mode is again randomized, but the rest of the users who were not in the Pioneer group are selected at random for the OTA.

It could take upwards of weeks for everyone to get the OTA. There is NOTHING you can do to make the OTA come faster. (Aside from slipping into a coma for a few weeks) You will get the OTA. Everyone has to get it. Danger won’t forget about you and not send it to you, we promise.

More Sidekick LX 4.6 OTA Screenshots *updated yet again*

Friday, June 20th, 2008

We’ve got more screenshots for you to enjoy of the 4.6 OTA.

Updated with Quick Find screenshots

Brightness and Sound Profile settings are now grouped together

We’ve seen those before.

As you can see here, the browser introduced a new “Full-Size Layout” option viewed in the Full-Size Layout mode viewed in Full Size Layout mode

Globally empty trash menu item, and Quick Find menu items

Quick Find search window

Quick Find results


Spellcheck Settings


Spell Check in EMail


Spell Check in AIM
More screenshots coming soon.

Sidekick LX Video Quality Preview

Thursday, June 19th, 2008

Here’s a preview of the Sidekick LX Video Recording quality, as you can see it’s postage stamp sized (176×144 px) and the quality isn’t even close to fantastic. We’ve opted not to embed a youtube video as it looks even worse when they Compress and stretch it out, but we’ve posted a Quicktime player of the raw video right off the LX. thanks to Doeboynmek over at the Powered By Danger forums for the video sample.

You’ll need Quicktime to view the embedded video.

Just for kicks, let’s double the size of the video to (352x288px)

You’ll need Quicktime to view the embedded video.
Doesn’t look great, but you can still make out everything in the video, and at least it’s not postage stamp sized video.

As you can see, there’s nothing to get overly excited about but we guess it’s better than nothing at this point.