Sidekick LX Video OTA rolling out to everyone

Sidekick LX Video OTA Complete Screenshot

If you hadn’t heard, it’s finally time for the Sidekick LX Video OTA to roll out to everyone. Over the last week or two the update has been slowly rolling out. The pioneer people that got the users should also receive a new update that brings them up to the latest version. So yes, it’s finally here guys. It’s rolling out randomly, not based on location at all. Good luck trying to guess when you’ll get the OTA. Just sit tight and we’ll all be enjoying the new video and browser goodness before too long.

164 Responses to “Sidekick LX Video OTA rolling out to everyone”

  1. diana Says:

    What about da sidekick slide datsz not fair I want da OTA && I kno every sidekick slide user does too but y not usz have it too? I want an explaination ! Plzz someone write back .

  2. freshkiid23 Says:

    Shoot I used dat trick n got ma update in less dan 30minz I dnt have n e websites 2 download videos or watch em eitha n e body got n e yet a lil help plz 🙂

  3. Razy lx Says:

    slide was made by motorola not danger and danger made side kick lx soo there for i dont think u will get it

    diana on August 5, 2008 at 1:34 pm said:

    What about da sidekick slide datsz not fair I want da OTA && I kno every sidekick slide user does too but y not usz have it too? I want an explaination ! Plzz someone write back .

  4. Anonymous Says:

    so what is it wit the update. can you watch you tube/ and or can you do anything differnet i dont wanna waste my time if it doesnt work:>

  5. anonymous Says:

    I didnt know it was random. I just got my LX 2 days ago and I got the OTA today

  6. lapuppys Says:

    Hey Í been trying to do this shit but nothing Í don’t even now if im doing it right some help over here….

  7. Mr. LX Says:

    Wutz Up Admin Ask Tmobile If They Can Make A Music App Where We Can Go Download Or Buy Songz 4 R Media Player Or We Can Buy Music Videos Kinda Like Itunes Like I Buy Music And Stuff 4 Ma Ipod Video Except It Would Be Ttunes Tell Tmobile About This Idea Admin Please And Tmobile Would Make So Much Money Off Of That Music App!

  8. Fred Says:

    It’s now August 16, [&] still I have not received the update.. Oh well I honestly could care less..

    Sidekick Slide users won’t get the update cuz t-mobile isn’t producing anymore of them since they didn’t sell well..

    That video update to me doesn’t work for everyone, cuz it’s like you gotta wait to get connected to the network again [&] is it really speeding up the process or making your chances of getting the update slim to september ? Lol

    I’m bored -_-

  9. Eddy Says:

    well its official…I finally have my update! (8/28/2008) and saying that the proccess was easy is an understatement! it was extremely easy!!! hit me ? @ slikom6 (aim) for instructions….I just turned off my LX, removed the battery, then put It back in and then took the memory card out…forget what you might here…but leave the sim card in there. taking it on won’t damage anything though. then when I turned my kick back on (wit the sim card out), my 7 went pusling like crazy and it would not stop…it was continuous! I left the MB to go to 12 and went to sleep @ 5am and when I woke up 7 it was ready..of course it may have been ready b4 then but I was asleep and didn’t know. it take a few min to update. all that’s stress for nothing!!

  10. TBudz Says:

    Anyone get a annoying voice mail that wont delete off your KickLx? I am deaf and need to use the buzz application of my phone so when i get txt msg I can answer it. I went to a T-Mobile Dealer near me and they couldnt delete it because I got the voice msg when I got the OTA and they said I am not the only one who has it. Anyone able to find out how to delete the voice msg?

  11. Shadow Says:

    Yo that new ota update is bull shit. Just a little video update how pathetic. I mean lame. I thought it was going to be way better. I thought that it would let you watch youtube. Like really kinda pathetic. Really people don’t expect much. Its crappy update. Only the truth.

  12. mikal3t Says:

    Hey what the hell is it. I only recently bought a hiptop. And I don’t have any video at all. I can’t watch videos or record videos. What id it???????

  13. stressed-out Says:

    i have no internet on my LX but i really want the update.
    what do i do?

  14. curious Says:

    the new hiptop hasnt been released in Australia yet.
    is it worth waiting for?

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