Sidekick 2008 Release Party

Sidekick 2008 Release Party Invite

What did you do tonight? Sat at home, watched some TV, browsed the web, or something pretty ordinary right? Well some lucky people were partying it up in New York at the Sidekick 2008 release party listening to the tunes spun by Treasure Fingers and Sammy Bananas! Unfortunately we couldn’t make it to the party either this time. (We’re totally booking our flights the day we get the invite next time!) Word has it that attendees could create their own Sidekick 2008 shells and pick them up at the party. We’re still waiting on pictures because we’re sure there were a lot of famous faces there. If the Grammy Tour was any indication, T-Mobile knows how to throw a party, and this was one was probably just as much fun.

UPDATE: Looks like the DJs got their very own Sidekick 2008s according to Treasure Fingers’ Twitter

One Response to “Sidekick 2008 Release Party”

  1. alaina Says:

    ughh dis fonee izz kinddaa slooww i wnt dah sidekick touch

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