ZunePhone rumors

Zune Phone

Ever since Microsoft bought Danger we’ve been waiting for the announcement of a mobile device from Microsoft. There have been rumors left and right about a ZunePhone, which would compete directly with Apple’s highly successful iPhone. Add another rumor to the mill, this time it’s from an anonymous source (via jkOnTheRun) that says there was a meeting in Redmond (Microsoft’s headquarters) to help flesh out the details on a Zune phone. According to this source, the Zune phone will be a specialized version of Windows Mobile 7 and will utilize the Windows Live Services. It will also feature a multi-touch touch screen.

If all of this is true, then this could spell bad news for Danger. Basically it’s everything the Sidekick is not. No awesome operating system, no excellent back-end service, and a touch screen instead of a keyboard. We hope that these new rumors about the “ZunePhone” are false, or at least that this isn’t the only phone that Microsoft is thinking about.

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2 Responses to “ZunePhone rumors”

  1. killachaos Says:

    Lol just because Danger is releasing another phone under a new company, doesn’t mean it is automatically going to be the next sidekick. Most companies have 20+ different phones, can danger have 2 (one sidekick, one touch?)

  2. young dollaz Says:

    i hope this shit aint goin be another mogul by htc cuz them fones are terrible slow as hell but iphone need to come out with something betta than the 3G because the sprint instinct can text by flipping the fone sideways you cannot even flip the iphone sideways to text so hopefully that will come as far as the zunephone idk we’ll have to see if it brings competition to the iphone

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