Data Syncing Is Back

T-Mobile reports:

Microsoft/Danger have now made the necessary fixes to their network to restore the ability to sync your data. This means that your contacts, calendar entries, to-do lists, tasks, etc. will now sync on the network, just like they did prior to this data disruption. However, you must power cycle your device following the steps below in order to begin the synching process.

But they do add the discaimer that things are still “unstable” and that you should back up all your data. Note that a power cycle is going to Menu -> Power Off, letting your Sidekick turn off on its own and then powering it back up. Do NOT do a hard reset as your data will be lost.

5 Responses to “Data Syncing Is Back”

  1. jessica Says:

    one time I was syncing my data with my pc, and the camera on my phone stopped working and they never fixed it.

    I was suppose to be able to download something to fix it but it didnt work.

    this seems like a much better way

  2. czar2004 Says:

    i just got of the Live Chat with TMob and they advised me to STILL NOT turn off my phone, that the system is still unstable. So who are we to believe?????

  3. Alan Says:

    Wait, if our data is coming back.. whats the problem? I can deal with that.

  4. Heath Says:

    There isn’t a problem it seems, beyond us lose out data/contacts/business for days and weeks on end.

    The fact that T-Mobile themselves can’t just come out and tell people this is a testament to how terrible their communication is being through all this.

    If they had said just HALF of this during the problem, they would have prevented a lot of people getting ticked off and trying to switch phones / networks.

    I still may end up getting that blackberry (even though I’m nervous about it) since my sidekick has kinda broken… but now that I know things have just broken and there hasn’t been any missmanagment of our service per se, it suddenly makes me feel a lot better.

  5. Kara Harkins Says:

    Umm … how are we supposed to back up our data or do they have a new app that backs it up to non-microsoft-os computers?

    I accidentally did a hard reset this weekend (power loss) and wiped all of my data/settings.

    I asked them Saturday when things would be back and was told they did not have a timeline, MS was wonderfull (yeah, RIGHT), and to watch their website. Saturday it was promising a procedure on Sunday. Then on Sunday we got a PR announcement there.

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