Last Chance for Telstra Customers to Grab a Sidekick


Been eyeing that Slide? Well, if you’re in Australia and on Telstra, you better hurry. You have a week left before they stop selling the Sidekick Hiptop Slide. September 30th will be the last day that new customers can sign up for Hiptop service or buy a Hiptop Slide.

Thanks Shannon

27 Responses to “Last Chance for Telstra Customers to Grab a Sidekick”

  1. kevin Says:

    never heard of telstra other than here but i remember motorolas feeble attempt at a sidekick the idea was there but it looked bulky to me you know its not a good phone when best buy carried the prepaid version

  2. shannon Says:

    we only had the hiptop2, hiptop3 and hiptop slide so the motorola slide was the “best” hiptop available here down under. looks like no lx09 is coming either 🙁

    also forgot to add telstra will have full data service for your hiptop until the end of your contract, where you will be put on a new plan/sold a new phone etc

  3. kayla Says:

    whats the deal with thes hiptops do you have to like swap very two years or so. and if you buy them outright do you still have to pay the $30 a month or what ?? and is it just 30 or is it 50 ??
    im really confused becoz im getting one for christmas and i dont want to have to pay is that possible??.
    cant you just like buy is so you like dont have to anything besides calls ??


    xoxoxo love kaaylaaa


  4. kayla Says:

    oh on i live on the goldcoast if that helps at all

  5. shannon Says:


    you don’t *have* to swap every 2 years
    if you buy the phone itself outright ($549 from telstra, cheaper elsewhere) then you only pay the $30/mth for the plan + anything else like stuff from the catalogue or calls

    and just fyi since you obviously didnt read properly that september 30 is the last day telstra will sign you up to a hiptop plan or sell you a hiptop phone, so I doubt you’ll get one for christmas..?

  6. TELSTRA isFuckedUp. Says:

    I hate Telstra. I love sidekicks. Im in Brisbane – Australia. And I was seriously excited about the skLX09 coming out here. :'( and now im stuck with this stupid hiptop slide. 🙁 oh well. eBay it is. Does anyone in USA know if I buy a sk off eBay, will it work with Telstra? Or will they not let me sign up with a Telstra plan? 🙁

  7. TELSTRA isFuckedUp. Says:

    I hate Telstra. I love sidekicks. Im in Brisbane – Australia. And I was seriously excited about the skLX09 coming out here. :'( and now im stuck with this stupid hiptop slide. 🙁 oh well. eBay it is. Does anyone in USA know if I buy a sk off eBay, will it work with Telstra? Or will they not let me sign up with a Telstra plan? 🙁 or anyone from AUS who knoes? Thanks.

  8. shannon Says:

    needs to be unlocked, needs to have the apn changed to telstra.hiptop in network settings

    not all net features may work depending if you use your login or create a account

    people do it all the time here down under

  9. adisorn Says:

    is this might mean the new sidekick lx 2009 gonna comes? am i get wrong?

  10. jordin Says:

    It better come to aus, I’ve was waiting to trade in my slide for it. 🙁 oh well.

  11. shannon Says:

    probably won’t come.

  12. jordin Says:

    Says “shannon”

    It might ok? Jeez.

  13. stewie Says:

    the reason the lx09 wont come to australia is because it wouldnt be able to compete with other phones on the market and telstra thinks that it will just be a waste of money

  14. jordin Says:

    Well hopefully it will still come, stop being negative 😛

  15. A Says:

    @ Jordin

    “The Hiptop device and service will no longer be available for new customers to purchase after 30 September 2009.”

    By the looks of it they are scraping the Hiptop service altogether.
    It’s highly probable the LX09 won’t be released.
    I’d go as far as saying you can be 97% sure it won’t be

  16. jordin Says:

    I dont care about 97% ill g talk to a Telstra dealer in the next couple of days. There’s still another 3% chance by you, but why should I listen to you huh? And hiptop3 doesn’t know EVERYTHING, the site is stated, hiptop3 – a site fir rumours about hiptops and sidekicks, so this website doesn’t know everything faggot.

  17. shannon Says:


    OF COURSE there is a chance that it’ll come; its just very unlikely, especially when “the hiptop service” will not be available for new customers after Sept 30

    Many people have contacted Telstra through different means and have all recieved different answers; some have said definetly, others have said no. So we’ll see what happens eh?

    Plus uh whats the point of the whole threatening thing

  18. hiptopSlide Says:

    Heyya. I hope it comes to Aus. Or maybe I could just by one off the internet ayee.

    @ shannon – how do u change the apm to Telstra.Hiptop it won’t let me touch it ayee. 🙁

    P.S what’s with this “jordin” guyy? 🙂

  19. shannon Says:

    menu>network settings>change network apn

    you cant do it on the telstra hiptops though and you need the plan for it to work

  20. adisorn Says:

    i will waiting til the end of the year then i will get BB

  21. A Says:

    @ Jordin.

    Fairly sure you are a troll, but I’ll continue to humour you for the time being.

    If Telstra were going to continue their hiptop service they would not state that they are going to abolish the plan come tomorrow evening, it would be poor marketing (they would build up the hype by announcing the lx09 [or something like that])

    Chill =]

    Don’t knock the site either
    All they did was point out the message on the top of the Telstra hiptop page.
    Hiptop3 doesn’t know everything… but I’m fairly sure Telstra would (considering they provide the hiptop service) 😉

  22. shannon Says:

    no more hiptop on telstras website now, only an faq. search hiptop and the first result is its replacement, the LG Xenon GR500f

  23. Matt Says:

    I have a hiptop slide n today is the 30th and now my hiptop wont work i try logging into the website n the shit wont work it keeps saying on my phone my username/password is incorrect, i swear to god if they discontinued my plan i want my money for this worthless peice of shit phone

  24. hiptopSlide Says:

    Heeyyy, umm


    Mine was doing that too, all I did was turn it off and on again, when I turned it on I entered the pin number thing and its fine noww 🙂

  25. Jessyka Says:

    i think its stupid that telstra has stoped seeling hiptops..
    what about other people that want a decent phone like this and now can not get one..
    no wonder why not many people choose to go on telstra they are rubbish

  26. Melissa Says:

    LX will not be released in Australia.. The hiptop plan was way to goo to be true for telstra hence why its been scraped bugger that 3% maybe thing.. You can garentee the plan is gone and tthe LX wont be released here.. It runs on WAP so it needs the plan to run.. NO Plan NO Phone…

  27. laura Says:

    Hi I work at the telstra shop in brisbane, and to shut u all up no we are not selling hiptops anymore im very sorry, but we just aren’t making enough money from them thanks guys
    Sorry for the notice

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