Pics of the Project Pink Phones

Motorola Pure

Looks like prototype images of the two rumored Project Pink phones have leaked out of Microsoft. Gizmodo posted both the Pure and Turtle devices, confirmed they’ll be made by Sharp, and that they’re going to be aimed at the Sidekick market. So while these won’t be “Sidekicks” per-say, they are the devices that Microsoft expects you current Sidekick users to be interested in. So, what do you think?

Motorola Turtle

via Gizmodo

100 Responses to “Pics of the Project Pink Phones”

  1. RJbitch Says:

    Wow, It Look nice… But It aint a kick, so im disappointed…
    All I want for the kick I is a better a YouTube!!! And a louder speaker…
    That’s all… cuz if aint a kick, it aint shit…

  2. Itz_RJ_bitch Says:

    LMAO I hope this dude gets fired for making this so called new sidekick
    Dumb ass… smh @ them fucking up sidekick’s

  3. kevin Says:

    i think we are all jumping the gun without reading. it says aimed at the sidekick audience so that means its not replacing sidekicks its just aimed at sk users.

  4. recognizedakick Says:

    kevin on September 28, 2009 at 4:21 pm said:

    i think we are all jumping the gun without reading. it says aimed at the sidekick audience so that means its not replacing sidekicks its just aimed at sk users.

    No one reads…this is the kind of blog filled with those who “like to hear their ownselves talk”. They will keep thinking of it as an updated sidekick.

  5. sidekickLX07 Says:

    These phones look sh**ty they should stop wasting their time on this and focus more on making new features for the lx both the 07 since many people still use and love the phone along with the 09.
    They need to send an upgrade to the LX07 and allow user to create their own ringtones like someone above stated its ridiculous that loyal sidekick users have to keep buying ringtones.

  6. sidekick09rules Says:

    this “project” is wack, fu*en just upgrade the sidekick 09, make it be a touch screen, louder speaker, better web browser. the sidekick 09 rules these projects are just gonna make a kick as* phone go 2 waste

  7. me Says:

    Project pink? More like failed project. Do not look like the sidekick AT ALL. Puke!

  8. butters Says:


  9. snuzzle Says:

    fail on September 23, 2009 at 7:42 pm said:

    Supr fail I enjoy “sidekick” because of swivel, screen size, and keyboard

    This is crap I thought microsoft would b good for sidekick if it turned out to be a non touchscreen zune ver. Of sidekick or an xbox ver. Omg this is fail not buying that unless I wass to us it as a frisbee

    This. Although I sort of like the Turtle because it reminds me of the Lotus (why, oh why can I not have the Lotus on Tmo?!) they’re definitely not something that will appeal to most diehard ‘Kickers.

    I love the size and weight of the ‘kick. I love the fact that I damn well KNOW I’ve got my phone in my pocket. I love the swivel screen. I tolerate the fact that I’m a couple years behind on features because I just love the ‘kick.

    I do hope that they don’t stop at these phones which are supposed to appeal to SK users, and do actually continue making the device we know and love.

  10. Molly Says:

    I’m not sure what to believe. Are these Verizon’s or T-mobile’s? There was a post that mentioned these were supposed to be Verizon.

    Nonetheless, until 2010 comes there is no way of knowing. But the thought of T-mobile giving up their trademark swivel screen and jump buttons for a Palm-Pre/HTC touch Pro clone is just… shocking. These are nothing like the sidekick.

  11. AENAR Says:

    PINK is supposed to be on an non-Tmobile carrier. Verizon was the last sucker I heard.
    PINK is not a sidekick. It’s a crummy CE product and you know how that is going to work. My sources say the thing is super cheap and the OS is shabby,easily loses users and has no features that would make this interesting.
    The LX 2009 is the LAST sidekick ever.
    MSFT bought the line to move into the consumer market. They should have used the native OS but instead were forced to use a hacky version of WINCE.
    Most of the Sidekick people have left and gone to Google and such. The UI team, the multimedia team and hardware teams have been fired after the launch of this product. Internal sources at TMobile say that they have no future sidekicks from PMX slated. I am assuming that Google phones will be converted to a rebranded SIdekick platform-since the sidekick is just a brand and nameplate.
    PINK is supposed to have MSFT values like Seadragon and Surface but no one bothered to ask either if they had a mobile division. PINK is just a concept device gone horribly wrong.
    The Sidekick will die a slow death like other MSFT aquisitions. The problem with Microsoft is they do not know what to do with them. Kill them or use them

  12. Ann Says:

    Another thing, what about those of us that have granfathered $19.99 data plans? If the LX09 is indeed the last Sidekick, will we still get the $19.99 data plans if we get a Pink device? Or, would they let us stay on that data plan for any other device of our choosing if Sidekicks aren’t available then?

  13. Vince Says:

    They look like HTC ripoffs

    I can’t believe all that hype, all that horse**** has led to two of the biggest p.o.s phones to knock the all famous sidekicks out the park on purpose. for that I would stick with my iPhone and let things coast……

    MY Touch Diamond is better then these two

  14. Anonymous Says:

    who ever created this phones are fired, next!

  15. johnny Says:

    project ink? how about project FAIL.


  16. johnny Says:


  17. Yeezy Says:

    Personally…you all are making a bigg fuss over phone that’s not even out yet. It never said that these phones were indeed sidekick nor has any one said the 09 was the last one so everybody needs to chill. I have a sidekicklx09 and it was cool until the server crashed..I will be getting the new touch motorola cliq..bcuz of it..but if sidekick does come out with a touch they have my vote!

  18. WILLIE Says:


  19. WILLIE Says:



  20. kassandra Says:

    Wtf sidekick is the best phone out there no otha phone can compete look @ the g1 all the big hype 4 that n its not even all that nemore…all they need 2 do is fix the problem make it louder lets us create our own ringtone by being able 2 bluetooth it etc o n make a touch screen version that’s all we r askin pls don’t replace sk wit the those shi**y a** phones let verison have em..I’m married 2 my sk even tho I divorced the otha 1’s 2 find happiness in new 1’s but the lx09 does have crappy buttons don’t kno wat they were thinkin bout long the sidekicks I have faith there will be more..there’s no R.I.P just yet

  21. hAWAii LiFE Says:

    Yuucks, Ugly, that short fat one is nothing like a Sidekick and that one skinny ones looks like a 30$ Gravitiy but just sleeker. RIPOFF!

  22. MiSz NeSSa Says:

    gfd on September 24, 2009 at 3:32 pm said:

    Okay so in a few years when my lx09 kicks the buckets, its off to a blackberry for me..

    lmaoo I so agreee with u on that one same goes for me 🙂 I came a long way from sk2 sk3 sklx and now my lx09 lol I think I’m gettin to told for it though but wth I still like payin 20$ instead of 35$ haha

  23. alliemarie Says:

    Yah those will not sell. Maybe 2 nerdy 10 yr olds. Lol. But seriously.. With all these new touch scren phones. Sidekick should take a spin and kick with a kickass double screen with touch and regular keypad options. Ur keypad is a screen.. U can push it away and make it a menu screen like nintendo ds look. Kickn butt doin 2 things at once.. Something stellar that will blow people away. Buy em like hotcakes. Like a pinch of the iphone and sidekick mashed together but with a full microsoft touch. A clear see through case. Seeing the inside would be eye shocking… and pearl whites and blues hot pink cases not shells. The phone phone.. The best opinions on phone designs are right here tmobile. Its what the people want and will buy. That gizmodo nano omagotchi lookin thing is a step back. Take our thoughts on a positive leveled outcome. This is my first sidekick lx 09. I waited 3 years to be at of age to have my own line. And my first stellar improved sidekick. Ill be a customer for life with great phones and apps like this. Service. Lines. Etc. Thanks.. Byyee.

  24. MJBrat Says:

    I’m pretty much done with
    “T-Mo’bull” and just ridin’ out the rest of the two year contract.

    So what do I think of the two phones pictured above? Let me consult my left nut. I’ll get back to ya!

  25. jness bent Says:

    Hello, if u get a new sidekick LX09 ur just sign in to ur email account, and they send all ur ring tones to the phone as well as everything else! But the data plan is more, its 34.99 so its up to u, I love the sidekick LX09! I always switching phones every 4months just cuz I want a better phone, so far so good, ever since I got the sidekick I havent wanted to switch yet! Not other phone tops this one!

  26. o.0 Says:

    these are ugly. i so do not see how this appeals to the sidekick audience. egh. all they need to do to create a great sidekick is have a powerful browser like android does. a stronger swivel screen. and LED lights w/ customizable colors! touch screen wouldnt hurt either. maybe some widgets? idunno, dont care much for those. but social networking is a must!

  27. Anonymous Says:

    U! G! L! Y! These phones are UGLY, they momma say they UGLY. Touch screens suck ass, give danger back the sidekicks! Please, I miss not have these issues

  28. trena Says:

    Weird I mean seriously

  29. trena Says:

    When is this sidekick hittin tmobile

  30. LADURA Says:


  31. breanna morrison Says:

    Katherine on September 23, 2009 at 5:09 pm said:


    Those look like awful keyboards.

    I think itz cool alittle but it look kinda lame

  32. Anonymous Says:

    They suck..

  33. rekaFlY09 Says:

    WhEn I seeN thiS fonE I saiD wtf>:o that’s somE bS they shouldn’t waste there timE aLL I gotta sAy iS ima a Lx09 faN tiLL thE enD brinG that 2010 sK ouT plZz

  34. Neal Says:

    WOW! This is total TRASH! I am currently AND have been for a LONG time a die-hard sidekcik fan! I freakin LOVE my SKlx07. I did NOT get the LX09 because of the white stripe on the back and how the fone just doesnt ‘feel’ good or right like the 07. Also the 09 feels cheap and looks too much like a toy. I still get compliments on my 07 all the time!

    But anyways. These fones had better NOT be the new sidekick! the sidekick is defined by this screen that kicks OUT and AROUND! it is NOT and will NOT EVER be defined by the keyboard or any other part! The keyboard is a BIG deal but NOT what actually NAMED the phone. The sidekcik ‘slide’ was a failure…why??? well it was a slider phone. the screen did NOT kick!

    If I am going to buy a sidekick the screen is going to KICK! i do NOT want a screen that flips or doesnt anything other than KICK! that is why it’s called the sideKICK..hence ‘kick’ in the name! So t-mobile needs to get this team in line and get them making the freaking sidekicks that KICK. add a touchscreen, some android, some windows mobile or ANYTHING to the INTERFACE but the device better ALWAYS and ETERNALLY have a screen that KICKS!!!!!!!!!!!!! that is an ORDER!

    it is a sideKICK, right?!?!

  35. D.T. Says:

    Im sticking with my lx09 this phone looks ugly and the keyboard looks super wack project boo boo!

  36. LadyGK Says:

    This is a waste of time…this pink bulls**t needs to jus go to hell… all they should jus do is make th lx 09 sceen a touch screen, make the speaker louder, make it so u can make ur own ringtones, and make it so that u can get good quality youtube videos…nd after that id completely satisfied…now if they can make that piece of s**t excuse of a phone im sure they can make those few adjustments


    LadyGK on February 12, 2010 at 6:54 am said:

    This is a waste of time…this pink bulls**t needs to jus go to hell… all they should jus do is make th lx 09 sceen a touch screen, make the speaker louder, make it so u can make ur own ringtones, and make it so that u can get good quality youtube videos…nd after that id completely satisfied…now if they can make that piece of s**t excuse of a phone im sure they can make those few adjustments

    I suport every thing yu just fukcin said!!

  38. bulletinyochest Says:

    Death to project pink

  39. Haze Says:

    Da 1st fone looks hot I mite qet it if its on tmobile.if its not den 4qet it. I have da sk 08 its qood but there’s noo 3g wifi etc.etc. -_-

  40. sklx09&naeya4eve Says:

    seansy on September 23, 2009 at 7:09 pm said:

    The first one doesn’t have a full keyboard, seems like it but on the sidekicks there’s the top row of numbers, I like that about the sidekicks, this one doesn’t have it 🙁

    I think that’s weird for anybody to accept that being a new and improved sk lx lol . All sidekicks ever made from the I.d to the o9 should be upgraded to the max wit unlimited features overall,but insead we hav to look forward to undergrades. Smh. Lets get wat the people want pls. X0x0x0x0x_naeya

  41. fxCkyOurthOugtSz Says:

    ilOve sidekiCks they are the best! the best I’ve ever had! but if micrOsOft don’t cOme Out with a better SiDEkiCk with atOuCh sCreen Or better apps…. itS OvER!

  42. elite hacker Says:

    Sidekick is coming out with the sidekick X touch screen late august…start saving up, the device is going to run in the price range of $600/$700.

  43. indira Says:

    Smfh yeo ,
    -what kind of “new sidekicks” are there’s .
    we are used to either the flipp orr thee occasional slide, like r u seriouse ? . smfh at “project pink”

  44. indira Says:

    Smfh yeo ,
    -what kind of “new sidekicks” are there’s .
    we are used to either the flipp orr thee occasional slide, like r u seriouse ? . smfh at “project pink”
    UGLYYYYYYY PHONESSS ^ lets get ah touch screen sidekickk x] w| like the flippp screeen , the full keyboard , the balll , buht touchhhhh .

  45. brian Says:

    isn’t that second phone the “KIN” or the “KINT”(whatever the name is)?

  46. jamila Says:

    this is just a waste of time! theres no way them shitts can replace sidekicks! like wtf?! dem shitts are mad small.. & us sidekick users dont really find it interesting. so dey shud jus stop. & continue making more sidekicks 🙂

  47. Anonymous Says:

    i love ur saying lol

  48. spcreynolds Says:

    recognizedakick on September 23, 2009 at 8:58 pm said:

    I really like the first picture. The 2nd one…eh…not so much. Doesn’t look comfortable in my hand.

    Honestly im ready for a change. My sidekicklx 09 looks real nice and the quality is amazing…however the buttons suck and has slowed down my texting when comparing it to the sidekick 2008. The buttons just seem a bit more stickier and further apart. Texting is not as enjoyable for me as it used to be.

    The buttons on this new phone looks closer together and a bit smoother and I think will bring my texting back up to speed.

    The design is real nice…unlike the G1. I think I cud really go for this phone. I loved my Slide, 2008, and LX09…but this phone new phone looks worth my time. Im ready to go for it.

    You need bigger hands then. I love the keyboard.

  49. Prettyboypucho Says:

    New sidekcik please…just do it & make us happy.

  50. jr172king Says:

    Its no were near a sidekick it look lik a wanne b phone

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