Sidekick Slide is available again

Sidekick Slide
Apparently Motorola/Danger/T-Mobile have worked out the kinks with the Sidekick Slide and solved the powering off problem at least well enough to sell the phone again. For anyone that was waiting to get a Slide, break out that credit card.

TMobile’s Sidekick Slide Page

3 Responses to “Sidekick Slide is available again”

  1. Danielle Says:

    I own a sidekick slide there is however more problems that havve have experienced then the powering off. I also had problems with my phone without the $20 fee a month. I recently noticed that if u drop the phone or u pill the battery out u reboots ad loads old text messages that are from when I frist got the phone for christmas the second time it came out. This week I noticed that text messgaes were being sent but the minute I recievwd them it said I had all ready replied and I didn’t realize it until yesturday that it was happening. I also don’t like that certain websites aren’t supported by the silde like I believe that if im paying $20 a month for the internet service I should get most web sites. Also the prices for backrounds, ring tones, themes, games and apps are extremely high for users. I would personal keep it ecuase it is my favorite phone. But if I had a chance I would ny the sidekick 2008 or the new GI. I think t mobile should fix these problems with the slide and start reselling them. My slide also makes a noise and I have no clue what it is or can find out what it is ad it angers me

  2. Anonymous Says:

    so their sayin dat the slide is fixed and is sellin again. im gonna go snd buy one now

  3. owb95 Says:

    so their sayin dat the slide is fixed and is sellin again. im gonna go snd buy one now

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