MySpace app pulled from catalog

Sidekick MySpace App
Looks like Danger/T-Mobile have pulled the famous MySpace app from their catalog. Is this perhaps so they can fix the buggy application that has everyone using the browser still? There have been numerous posts on with people complaining about the poor performance and bugs as well as necessary workarounds to fix conflicts with themes downloaded from,, and Up until the app was pulled, you were able to download and install it for free and continue using it until the end of December. After that you would be charged a recurring monthly fee of $1.99. Did Danger/TMobile just treat this freebie as a beta test for an app that wasn’t quite ready for the market but needed to be pushed out in order to compete with the Helio Ocean on paper? Here’s hoping they squash the bugs and deliver a 100% app by the end of the month.

UPDATE: The MySpace App is back in the catalog. No idea why it disappeared briefly.

4 Responses to “MySpace app pulled from catalog”

  1. Ryan Yo Says:

    still waiting on that facebook app……

  2. hamilton Says:

    Hey can ne 1 help? I was on th myspace application, and it froze, so I pulld out th bettery nd put it bak in, whn I turn it bak on th myspace app was not thr, I wnt in2 my applications, nd it was tickd as purcesd, I tryd 2 re purcuss it nd it wuldnt let me, I wnt in2 my downloads nd it wasn’t thr. I just wnt it bak on my divice. Ne 1 help wht tht? Plz

  3. sarahbrooke Says:

    did anyone have a fix for hamiltons post? because mine has done the same thing…

  4. harthe1 Says:

    Hay my bill came really high this month and I went to the store they told me myspace was charging for every time you logged on. I was like wtf! Just thought I should say that

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