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Goodnight Hiptop: A Wake for Danger

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

The Danger servers shutdown today. It’s hard to put into words the impact that Danger and the Hiptop had on the entire wireless industry, as well as me personally. I know that it also played a personal role in a large number of people’s lives.

For a trip down memory lane you can check out the Sidekick timeline and Geekwire has a recap of the history of the Sidekick.

Some other blasts from the past for Sidekick die-hards:
– The old blue camera that plugged into the headphone port that only did 120×90 pixels?
– The excitement of the silver camera that let you take 320×240 pictures!
– The Hiptop Halloween Hunts
Danger’s Official Timeline (circa 2007)
– Remember 10 Pin Bowling? Blockade? Cognet? HipPaint? the hacked Google Maps application?
– How about all the code names? Shuriken, Gekko, Zante, m1, m2, Aspen, Blade
– The rise and fall (thanks to Popular Science) of the Developer keys.
–,,,,, The Danger Zone,,, and more…
– Discovering the hidden feature of custom themes. Thanks Jurai!
– T-Mobile’s Sidekick/Grammy tour and all the release parties
– The countless FCC leaks
– The Snoop Dogg commercial where he was asking for help with his laundry
– Who remembers Johnny Chase?

And last but not least.. where’s my cat remote?

If you’ve got a story or a memory to share about the Sidekick, please leave it in the comments. We’d love to hear how it touched other people too.

Sidekick Service to Shut Down on May 31st

Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

It’s official, T-Mobile issued a press release regarding the end of the Danger Sidekick service as we know it. The servers will go down on May 31st.

Statement: Danger Service for T-Mobile Sidekick

Bellevue, Wash. — Feb. 28, 2011 PST

After May 31, 2011, the Danger Service (a subsidiary of Microsoft) used by T-Mobile Sidekick customers for data services will no longer be available on Sidekick devices.

T-Mobile will provide offers for our Sidekick customers before May 31, 2011, to help make an easy transition from their existing Sidekick device to a new device. We will have more information to share about these offers with our customers in the weeks ahead.

To ensure the best possible transition for our loyal Sidekick customers, an enhanced Web tool is available on to easily export their personal data, including contacts, photos, calendar, notes, to-do lists, and bookmarks, from the Danger service to a new device, computer, or a designated e-mail account. An application is also available in the Sidekick Catalog to make it easy to export personal data to the Sidekick’s memory card. Many T-Mobile stores can transfer data from that card to a new T-Mobile device if the customer brings in the memory card and Sidekick.

I can’t help but be a little sad. We all knew this day was coming, but now we know when. Enjoy the last few months, and here’s hoping the Sidekick 4G can live up to the expectations that the previous Sidekicks set.

G1 Themes For Your Sidekick

Saturday, October 25th, 2008

T-Mobile G1 Theme for the Sidekick

Want to theme your Sidekick LX or 2008/Gekko to mimic the G1 device? CubanitaStylezz, a talented and well-known theme artist, has put some G1 Themes up for the Sidekick. You can get them over at and

Evil Video Crashes the Sidekick

Thursday, August 28th, 2008

No, this isn’t some new fancy device that’s going to kill the Sidekick. It’s a corrupted 3gp video file that has the potential to hard reset a Sidekick with very little user interaction that’s out in the wild. That’s right, hard reset, as in wipe out all of your data and force you to redownload it from Danger’s servers. Luckily with the way the Sidekick is designed you won’t lose anything, but it’s still an annoyance to have to wait for all your email, settings, etc to download. It’s also a really nasty trick to play on someone you don’t like.

This was first posted in the PBD forums under a thread titled “Virus In Email?! Important!! Read!!”. I know, my first thought too was, “yeah right, Sidekicks don’t get viruses”. Technically this isn’t a virus, and it isn’t even malicious in intent. It looks like it’s just a bug with the way the email application handles a corrupted video. Needless to say though, it is a serious bug that Danger will hopefully fix in an OTA quickly. This currently affects the new Sidekick 2008, as well as Sidekick LXs with the video OTA.

Want to protect yourself from this sort of crash? In your Email, go under Menu->Settings->Attachments->Remove Attachments of these types, and check “Multimedia”. This will remove any movie files that are attached to emails sent to you, including this nasty one.
Sidekick Email Settings
Remove Multimedia Attachments from Sidekick Emails

Sidekick Gekko / 2008 FCC Docs Released

Tuesday, August 19th, 2008

The confidentiality request for the FCC docs for the Sidekick 2008 (Gekko) has expired and all the docs submitted to the FCC are now available on their site. There’s not much new and exciting since the Sidekick is already out and everyone and their brother is picking one up. But there are some internal photos of the device as well as some photos showing how they test the device to make sure it doesn’t microwave your brains. It’s also kind of interesting to know where the actual antennas are located on the device. If that kind of stuff interests you, here are some of the pics we pulled out:

Original FCC Docs

Sidekick 2008 invisibleSHIELD Screen Protectors

Wednesday, August 13th, 2008
invisibleshieldSidekick 2008 Checkerboard Screen Open

For all of those of you out there that are still wrapping their Sidekick 2008 in saran wrap to keep from scratching the screen, your wait is over. InvisibleSHIELDs for the Sidekick 2008 went up on their site today. Head over to the Sidekick 2008 Screen Protector page on Sidekick Shopper to get the 15% discount for Sidekick users and get yours now. They’ll even hook you up with free shipping! They’re a bit pricey, but when you think about how much you spent on your Sidekick Gekko and how much $$$ you’ll want to get when you sell it to buy the Sidekick 2009, it’s worth not having scratches all over the screen.

UPDATE: Here are some pics sent over of a Sidekick 2008 with the full body invisibleSHIELD applied to protect the shell.

How to Convert YouTube Videos for the Sidekick

Saturday, August 9th, 2008

Want to watch YouTube on your Sidekick? Well you’re out of luck for streaming, but you can convert the videos from YouTube to a Sidekick friendly format on your PC. Dave writes in to our comments about how to convert YouTube videos for watching on the Sidekick:

Guys please listen up closely 😉 and read carefully.

Ok, I did a little research and figured out how to Download the videos off youtube and convert them to mp4 so they can be added to your phone.

Follow closely these steps and read carefully, its fairly simple.

1. Download Free Youtube to Ipod Converter

2. Open the converter and Add a Youtube link to it. For Example…This random video I chose!

(Now notice, that in the end of the link theres a “&fmt=18″. That is very important and It must be there, If it isn’t then add it onto the link”

Simply place that in the Input URL.

3. Select the Output.
Click Devices, Choose MP4 Mobile Phones, and select The Standard Quality. Then just simply edit where you want the video to be downloaded to and the name you want it to have and just download it.

4. Plug in your phone through the USB connector to your pc, and open the Music Folder. Simply click and drag the video in there.

5. Unplug your USB, and check your Music Player library, and there should be a video in the videos tab. Just click and viola.

Your welcome in advance

Thanks Dave!

Sidekick 2008 Shell Unboxing

Tuesday, August 5th, 2008

Looks like we’ve got our first custom Sidekick 2008 Shell unboxing. Kyrios, a PBD regular, sent this in to us. It’s a PoweredByDanger themed shell. Looks like they’re quality! You can make your own over at

Sidekick 2008 has built in Spanish language

Saturday, August 2nd, 2008

Hola! Looks like T-Mobile is starting to cater to the Spanish speaking users with the newest Sidekick 2008. We already posted about some of their press videos that were in Spanish, and we got the press release below that mentions the new Sidekick will have a Spanish language interface, a first for the Sidekick line. They also brag about the shells and the new shell customization website as well. Rightfully so, as everyone we’ve talked to has been impressed by the customization website. We can’t wait to see what the custom shells look like. If you got a custom shell, send it to us for the gallery!


The new T-Mobile® Sidekick® lets customers change the look of their device as often as they change their clothes

BELLEVUE, Wash. – July 30, 2008 – A picture from high school graduation, a favorite sports team logo or a vibrant splash of the hottest fall color – whatever you want to express, you can design it on the new T-Mobile® Sidekick®. Available today, T-Mobile USA, Inc. has added the latest edition to the Sidekick family providing customers with the opportunity to create shells for their Sidekick with the images, colors or designs they choose.

The new Sidekick will ship with two shells: black and metallic green. A variety of pre-designed shell patterns and colors also are readily available for customers to purchase at T-Mobile retail stores or online. Of course, for true individualization, customers can design a completely unique shell unlike any other using a dedicated online Sidekick site via SkinIt at Doing so is as simple as uploading a personal photo or graphic design, or selecting your own text, shapes, icons or logos. The final design is custom-printed onto the shell, then shipped. Once the design is complete, customers can share their work of art in a public gallery that will be hosted on

“There is perhaps nothing more important than someone’s individual style and personality. The new

T-Mobile Sidekick, with its customizable shells, lets our customers easily express that unique style directly on their phone,” says Sajal Sahay, director, product marketing, T-Mobile USA. “Providing our customers with options to stand out from the crowd and show a true expression of themselves is what makes this Sidekick such an intriguing, fun device.”

In addition to enhanced personalization, the T-Mobile Sidekick is sporting a slightly smaller, thinner and lighter design than previous Sidekicks. It also comes fully loaded with the latest Sidekick features including video capture and playback ability, so customers can record and watch spontaneous and memorable moments, whether at a football game or a music concert.

The new Sidekick also features an integrated Spanish user interface – the first for a Sidekick device. Other features include first-rate messaging with IM, text and e-mail, as well as stereo Bluetooth® for easy photo and file transfers and a 2.0 megapixel camera. The Sidekick also is equipped with customizable Web surfing and more internal memory for storage of ringtones and multimedia messages.

Submit Your Custom Sidekick Shells for the Reader Gallery

Saturday, August 2nd, 2008
Create Sidekick Shell

Everyone who has used the Sidekick Shells website has been impressed by how easy it is to use. We’re still waiting to see how all these custom shells come out. If you got one, take a picture of it (and include yourself proudly holding it) and send it in to admin [at] We’re going to start a gallery of readers and their pimped out kicks!