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Sidekick LX OTA Due June 25th

Sunday, June 15th, 2008

Boy Genius Report is reporting that the Sidekick LX OTA Will be rolling out starting June 25th. (This does *NOT* mean you will have it on June 25th. The OTA’s get sent out in groups, at random.) They’ve listed what the OTA will contain as well, some of which we’ve previously confirmed.

* Capture videos using the new video mode
* Playback from the SD card or email attachments using the media player
* Share videos via email, Picture messaging, and Bluetooth
* Listen to songs or videos using a stereo Bluetooth device
* Send and receive photos, videos, or music via Bluetooth
* 3 IM clients & enhancements to AIM® and Yahoo!® Messenger
* Create and join group chats
* See who is logged into IM from the address book or email and instantly start a conversation
* Set a custom status message then keep chatting
* Search for friends in a buddy list
* Got more buddies than you can keep track of? See who’s online right from the address book or email, and search for friends in your buddy lists
* Select how Web pages are displayed based on preference
* PC-like, full-size layout to pan & scan while reading o Standard Sidekick screen-size layout to simply scroll down the page to read · Mini Page to zoom out on an overview of an entire Web page
* Save images from Web pages to the SD card Personalize the way you want to surf
* Device does not restart after a download. Just install an item, and it’s ready to use
* Capture videos and share them directly from the Camera app
* Video integration for playback, send, and save to gallery
* QuickFind: search for keywords across applications to find messages or information
* Spell Checker

via Boy Genius Report

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Sidekick LX OTA Coming Soon?

Friday, October 26th, 2007

It sounds as if Danger is preparing the first OTA for the Sidekick LX. They are calling the update an “Email Refresh for Sidekick LX Users” and it appears to update your Email application to use tabs, similar to the recently released Myspace application.

Judging from the Screenshots, this looks to make each service you use into it’s own tab. So if you have say your T-Mail account and a Gmail account, there will be a T-Mail and Gmail application to keep them separated. It also looks pretty nice.

No release date information has been specified, and it’s unclear if there will be other fixes or if this just replaces the EMail application.

Read more about the new “Email Messaging” application in the Manual Here and read about the OTA Here

Sidekick LX is Available!!

Wednesday, October 24th, 2007

Sidekick LX

Well, it’s been 5 months since we first found evidence of the Sidekick LX, but the day is finally upon us. Anyone out there can run to the T-Mobile store and grab a Sidekick LX of their own! (If you live in the US) Have you gotten yours? What color did you pick? The Midnight Blue or the Espresso Brown?

Along with the official press release from T-Mobile there’s also an announcement of the “T-Mobile Sidekick Video Contest” from Sidekick Nation:

In anticipation of the new devices’ launch, T-Mobile kicks off Sidekick Nation: T-Mobile Sidekick Video Contest. To enter the contest, fans across the country can create an original video, no longer than two minutes in length, which exemplifies how their Sidekick serves as their social lifeline. Videos are to be submitted on beginning October 2nd and no later than November 12th. On November 21st, the entries judged as finalists will be showcased on the Sidekick Nation MySpace page for community voting which will help determine the final winner who will win the ultimate grand prize: a new Sidekick LX, $10,000 and a trip to Los Angeles to attend a taping of Jimmy Kimmel Live! where highlights of the winning video will be aired.

For more information on Sidekick Nation: T-Mobile Sidekick Video Contest including the official contest rules, video submission guidelines, prize restrictions and regulations, please visit For more information on the Sidekick LX and Sidekick Slide, please visit

No word yet on when the LX will make it overseas, but we’ll keep you posted!

Sidekick LX with green moodlighting

Monday, October 22nd, 2007

Sidekick LX with Green LEDs

It hasn’t even been a week since the release of the Sidekick LX, and there are already hardware mods for it. Both the blue and brown Sidekick LXs come with blue moodlighting around the edges that flashes with alerts. A lot of people have complained and wished that there were different colors. Instead of whining, AcidAngel actually did something about it. He is now the owner of the only Sidekick LX with green LEDs in existence. All it took was a steady soldering hand and some patience. If you know how to solder, then you should be able to do the same. If you don’t know how to solder, you probably shouldn’t even bother attempting this. Needless to say, this totally voids your warranty but it’s pretty cool.

Video of the Sidekick LX with Green LEDs

Sidekick LX Memory Card

Sunday, October 21st, 2007

So chances are you’ve gotten your Sidekick LX, are loving it, and realize that 128mb of space on the microSD card that came with your LX is not nearly enough for all your music, themes, and pictures. We just put in our order for a nice fat 4gb microSD card for all our music. For those curious, here’s the best deal we’ve been able to find so far:
SanDisk 4GB MicroSD / Transflash with SD Adapter (SDSDQ-4096, BULK Packaging)
Sidekick LX MicroSD Memory Card has also setup a little store to help give people a one stop place for Sidekick LX accessories. We also recommend keeping an eye on for skins, as well as GyverGear for all sorts of good Sidekick LX accessories (chargers, screen protectors, cases, etc). Wireless Ground should also have some stuff for the Sidekick LX soon.

Sidekick LX Release Party Pictures

Friday, October 19th, 2007

Missed out on going to the Celebrity Sidekick LX release party? Don’t feel bad, we didn’t get to go either. (I guess the invitation was lost in the mail.)

WireImage has some photos from the Launch to make it seem like you were there.

Some of the Celebrities who attended were Jenna Jameson, Carmen Electra, JC Chasez, Laura Prepon, Lil’ John, Bow Wow, Travis Barker, Kat Von D, and for some unknown reason to all mankind Chris “Chrissy” Crocker.

View all the images (Registration Required to view the large images)

Chris.. erm, “Chrissy” Crocker makes a… “appearance” We were going to label this one NSFW (Not Safe For Work) but we’re going to label it NSFHR (Not Safe For Human Retinas) …proceed with Extreme Caution, the color Orange may be ruined for life after viewing.

Two Sidekick LX Reviews

Friday, October 19th, 2007

Still unsure if you want to make the 3-400 dollar dent in your wallet with the Sidekick LX?

CNet and Yahoo! Tech have you covered with reviews of the Sidekick LX. None of the reviews go as deep as I would like, they seem to be more like “First Looks”, but they might help you make the decision.

Yahoo! Tech’s Review
CNet’s Review

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Sidekick LX Available to T-Mobile Customers

Tuesday, October 16th, 2007

Sidekick LX Midnight Blue

The Sidekick LX has officially hit for current T-Mobile customers. IF you want yours, give Customer Care a call at 1-800-937-8997, or log in to My T-Mobile and click on “Upgrade Phone” in the bottom left. If you’re eligible for an upgrade it will let you select phones. The Sidekick is under the “Handhelds” tab.

– $299.99 with a 2 year contract extension
– $399.99 with no contract extension
– $15 for Express (3 business days) shipping on the phone. Free Express shipping if you order online apparently.
– $9.95 for UPS Ground (7 business days)
– Tracking number is your 10 digit phone number (including dashes)

We grabbed a Midnight Blue Sidekick LX, no contract extension, and Express shipping for a total of $444.86 after tax!

Which one did everyone get?

Don’t forget to get your microSD card for your Sidekick LX!

Thanks to Thomas for processing our order!

Sidekick LX Themes

Tuesday, October 16th, 2007

Sidekick LX Themes

Just in time for the Sidekick LX to launch to current T-Mobile customers, a theme site launches for the device. Go get your Sidekick LX themes from You can also pick up a microSD card for your Sidekick LX over there as well.

Updated Sidekick Data Plans for LX and Slide

Monday, October 15th, 2007

Word from BoyGeniusReport is that T-Mobile is going to be updating Sidekick Data plans to include Unlimited MMS for the LX and Slide, and remain at the same price.

Those of you who are buying their LX as their first Sidekick will automatically get this new plan, the rest of us will have to call T-Mobile and be switched over.

Via BoyGeniusReport